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Learn from steppingstone job before leaving

LucyShaw-160LIVING THE LIFE I LOVE: Dear Lucy: The title of your column is "Living the Life You Love." Well, I'm not exactly loving my life right now. I feel like I am struggling every day just to go to a job I don't like, working with people I don't like, doing work I don't like. I have been searching for a new job for months with no success. I want to just go home and get on welfare or something!


Dear Going Home: In every significant position or job that I have ever had I maintained a single commitment to myself: "If I woke up 3 mornings in a row and did not want to go, it was time to stop going." This happened to me once in a really high paying position. I did not hate the people or the work. I just knew it was not what I wanted to spend my precious time doing anymore. This was not my employer's problem. It was mine! After experiencing my 3 mornings of revelation, I told my employer that I would be leaving. It took me two years to leave because I had significant responsibilities and tasks to complete.

So here are some things to consider:

1. Time is indeed precious and should be handled as the marvelous jewel that it is. Wherever we find ourselves is our best training ground. Have you used your time in this work sufficiently to learn whatever it is your soul took you there to learn? Sometimes we let our personality get in the way of what our soul wants to teach and bless us with!

2. If there is something that this experience is trying to teach you, what could it be? Are you listening? Are you paying attention?

3. There are some jobs that are not significant, but are instead, steppingstones. But either way, if you have not decided for learning or growing you will simply step from this job into one where the same lesson will be waiting for you. You will also leave behind a less than favorable impression of yourself.

4. How are you seeing yourself and how are you seeing others? Hate is a pretty strong word. Would you consider taking a moment to write down at least five things that you can be grateful for in this job? Maybe it's just good to have some money vs. no money. Maybe it's good to be depended upon and to be dependable. Maybe you don't hate ALL of the people there. What is it about the one person you do like that you can imitate or that helps get you through the day? Since you hate the job and the people so much, maybe you can be grateful that they haven't fired you. Why? If you really hate them, believe me it is no secret! Nothing speeds up success like gratitude for what you already have. It is hard to be grateful and hateful at the same time. Try it.

5. Every single day, try to find something that you can learn and love. That is not as hard as it may seem. As you take an inventory of what you are good at and work to be better at it, you may soon find that you get noticed at work. Do you see yourself as a winner? Do you see yourself as valuable? Make yourself indispensable right where you are by being a cheerful giver of the service you are paid to provide. Pretty soon, someone will notice and a door will be opened for you to be cheerful someplace else.

Decide right now that you are NOT struggling with anything. It is just a decision. The decision you make will be the one you keep. Decide to be blessed. "Blessed is he that waiteth patiently..."


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