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Once homeless teen parent named student speaker for Southwest commencement

myckelle p williams-250Once a homeless teen parent with a crisis pregnancy, she is now a wife, mother, business owner, speaker, mentor and motivator with a testimony of overcoming the odds. Southwest's 2013 commencement student speaker, Myckelle P. Williams, is proof that the best diamonds are created through pressure.

She overcame the odds from a background of neglect and abuse and now helps empower women to overcome the traumas of their past.

Williams volunteers in many community programs focused on helping women cut off the dead roots of their past, re-generate new roots and then cultivate a healthy legacy for themselves and the next generation.

A public speaker mentoring young women all over the country, Williams is co-founder of B.L.O.G. (Beautiful Ladies of Grace) Magazine™, an online women's support magazine. She's the creator of the Heartwood Project™ for Women, which helps women overcome their painful pasts, and was featured on "Joy in our Town" on the TBN Network for her development of the PURE Satisfaction™ Abstinence Program in Atlanta in 2009.

After a long absence taken to raise her family, Williams returned to school to demonstrate the value of education to her own college-aged children. While taking her psychology classes, she served as a peer mentor in cooperative learning groups at Southwest. She will be the first person to have a college degree in her family.

Williams will be awarded an Associate of Arts degree with emphasis in psychology. She desires to create an avenue that helps women to boldly, yet patiently, overcome the traumas and injuries of yesteryear.

Williams graduates as an enhanced member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and with a summa cum laude class distinction.

Her upcoming book, "Choosing the Road Less Traveled," is due to be released later this year.

Source: The Southwest Scoop

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