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Donald T. Sterling is no aberration

EarlOfariHutchinson 600Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald T. Sterling is no aberration. On an audio recording that allegedly captures Sterling telling a girlfriend that he doesn't want African-Americans at "my games" and it ignited a furor. But it's part and parcel of an increasingly rotten and ugly saga that has become all too familiar in recent days.

In quick succession, GOP rocker and pitchman Ted Nugent maligned President Obama as a "subhuman mongrel," GOP House representative Paul Ryan, chair of the House Budget Committee, virtually called blacks and Hispanics lazy as the cause of their chronic high joblessness, and South Dakota GOP state representative Phil Jensen publicly said it was OK for businesses to exclude blacks from service.

Their outbursts could be chalked off to the rants, or ignorance of a few named GOP luminaries and some top GOP officials did chastise at least Nugent for his bone-headed cracks.

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New tobacco ‘apology’ ads plan still excludes most black media

Campbell Kessler_600WASHINGTON – A revised plan for major tobacco companies to purchase court-ordered ads to admit that they deliberately misled the public about the dangers of smoking would add nine white-owned newspapers to the list of publications carrying tobacco 'apology' ads but shut out more than 90 percent of black newspapers and all Black-owned radio and television stations, according to documents filed in federal court.

"If they had asked, we could have helped them develop a better plan than this," said National Newspaper Publishers Association Chairman Cloves Campbell. "They didn't consult us and the end result is that we're back to where this process started last year. What they have put on the table is totally unacceptable."

If the NNPA files a motion in opposition to the revised plan, as expected, the judge has a number of options from which to choose, including making a final decision on the merits of the case or ordering the defendants to come up with a more comprehensive plan.

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Maybe white girls should play with black dolls

TamaraHorn 600When we hear about the importance of multicultural toys, it's often in the context of giving black girls dolls that look like them to support their healthy self-image. While this is no doubt important, I wonder why we don't do more to encourage white girls to play with diverse dolls, too.

Let me explain.

As a little girl, I was the ultimate Barbie fanatic. I had at least 20 dolls; a big pink, plastic home for them; several cars; multiple Kens; and all the family members and special editions. But my favorite playtime adventures involved Barbie and her friend Christie, who, like me, was black.

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‘Drunk Uncle’ Sterling should be bounced from NBA

DavidSterling 600When I grew up I had an Uncle by the name of Bay Banks. He could sing and dance very well and talk as slick as ice in the shade of your driveway. Only problem was that he tended to do all of these things at the most inappropriate times.

He'd sing blues songs while my mom tried to talk to him about the Lord. He'd dance in the middle of traffic and talk slick to police officers or the neighborhood dope boys who wanted their money immediately or him in a hospital.

We loved Uncle Bay and he was great entertainment to us. As kids, it was hilarious to see a 40-year-old man dancing in the middle of the street in his underwear without any music, but it was awfully embarrassing to my mother. She simply wanted to hide this Jheri-curl wearing, hot-pistol toting, Soul Train-looking, 5-foot-9, 140-pound drunk distraction somewhere in the very back of our home.

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