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Blacks harnessing the power of capitalism

Among Donald Sterling’s rants he said something more blacks need to recognize as truth. Sterling’s comments that: “When Jews get successful they will help their people. And some of the African-Americans … they Reed 600don’t want to help anybody” were neither unfair nor racist.
Start with his point: the majority of blacks don’t help other blacks. It is a reality that most honest blacks will admit is true. And it’s something that our community has grappled with for years. If you just focus on the messenger instead of the message you will miss the truth that in our culture blacks have a history of not supporting one another.
Look at blacks’ economics versus those of Jews. Of all groups’ “collective capitalism” practices Jews are among the best, while blacks are the worst. Research data shows: a dollar circulates up to 12 times within Jewish circles, but is in and out of the black community within 12 hours.

The Cube root of 22

cuberoot 600As much as technology, business and society have changed since the Eighties, one thing has remained constant: Ice Cube has been a premier cultural watchdog, astutely commenting on, examining and detailing the breadth of the American experience in uncompromising terms with an unflinching honesty and a sobering perspective, as well as a deft comedic touch that has endeared him to several generations of fans.
While Cube loves making movies, his first passion will always be music.  His forthcoming album, “Everythang’s Corrupt,” slated for a release later this year, will be his 18th as either a solo artist or member of a group (N.W.A, Da Lench Mob, Westside Connection). Here, he talks about reprising the role of Captain Dickson in “22 Jump Street.”
Kam Williams: Hi Cube, thanks for the interview.
Ice Cube: Oh, no problem, Kam.

‘A Time for Action’ – stepping up to expand opportunities for young men of color

TimeForAction 600WASHINGTON – (PRNewswire) – Eleven of the nation’s leading philanthropies now have a plan of action to maximize the potential of the private sector to improve life outcomes for America’s boys and young men of color.
The plan is bolstered by $194 million in initial investments in key initiatives, including programs to enhance school learning environments and reduce the overrepresentation of young people in the justice system. The investments build on existing efforts by foundations to expand educational opportunities, increase access to technology, and build pathways to jobs and economic opportunities in underserved communities.
The collaboration and plan were announced Friday.

Gamers virtually raise thousands for St. Jude

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is powering up a new videogame charity program with help from some of the top streaming gamers.
gamers 600
The helping hands include Johnathan Wendel (Fatal1ty), “Ellohime,” “CohhCarnage,” Danielle Mackey (Panser), actress Zelda Williams, a team from Twitch, the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers, and GameStop, the world’s largest videogame retailer and official PLAY LIVE gaming sponsor. 
Several of the gamers recently visited the hospital, bringing their passion for games, along with their controller skills, to help St. Jude prepare to launch a summer gaming season designed to excite and engage players and raise funds to “zerg” (defeat) childhood cancer.