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Electrolux sets Construction/Contractor Symposium

Electrolux Home Products, Inc. is looking for local construction companies and contractors for their Memphis facility.

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What you pick up with your fork and spoon could be a death sentence

When I learned what acute appendicitis and colonic carcinoma could do to the body, I thought about Efrain Ramos, who was told there wasn’t much that could be done to prolong his life.

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Dr. Henry Louis Gates: The ‘Black in Latin America’ Interview

 henry Louis gates in Cuba

Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates – author, literary and cultural critic and noted documentarian – talks about his latest PBS series, “Black in Latin America.”

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Shelby County Chapter presents Orita Rites of Passage


An invitation into Christian adulthood was the theme for The Leadership Academy Orita Rite of Passage Ceremony presented by the Shelby County Chapter, The Links Incorporated.

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‘Touch, Talk, Read, Play’


Three years ago, Neighborhood Christian Centers partnered with The Urban Child Institute to strengthen our city’s understanding of the vital brain development that happens in children from birth to age five.

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