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Memphis vs UCLA – the four ‘PAWS’

tigers paw
After the Memphis Tigers football team’s lopsided 63-0 victory over the lowly Austin Peay Governors (APSU) who went 0-12 last season, the hopeful squad will take on the No. 11 UCLA Bruins this Saturday at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles.  
Tigers head coach Justin Fuente, who addressed the media in his weekly press conference on Monday, said he was proud of the way Memphis played last week and took care of business.

It’s easy to get stuck, but faith will help you let go

living the_life
Dear Lucy:
I have been struggling with some new challenges and I feel stuck and like all of my praying is in vain. My mother keeps saying, “Let go and Let God.” I don’t know how to do that and I just get more stuck! Help! 
– Stuck and can't let go
Dear Stuck:
I know what you mean! It is pretty easy to say to someone, “just pray about it and let it go.” It’s easier said than done. But consider this...the mind loves having conversations with itself and being at war with itself. This is how we stay in a state of distraction and unable to allow joy to enter in. It often feels like we have put a chair under the doorknob and keep reaching over the chair to turn the knob. Really stupid.

Expelled black students’ parents sue Ohio district

CINCINNATI – The parents of four black students who allege their children were expelled over rap music videos and targeted because of race sued a suburban school district in federal court on Tuesday, charging violations of constitutional rights including free speech.
Attorney Robert Newman, representing the parents, said that the students were expelled from Colerain High School in Colerain Township, a 20-minute drive northwest of Cincinnati, for making rap music videos off campus and that black students were unfairly targeted. The parents' lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati against the Northwest Local School District, the Colerain Township Board of Trustees and some police officers.

Juvenile jail escape latest for troubled facility

NASHVILLE – The juvenile detention center where 30 teens escaped under a fence has a long history of violence, allegations of sexual abuse and previous efforts to break out.
Escape Center
All but seven of the teens from the Woodland Hills Youth Development Center were taken back into custody by Tuesday, a day after they escaped. Officials said they had kicked out metal panels under the windows in common areas of their dorms to reach the courtyard and slipped out under a weak spot in the perimeter fence late Monday night.

CBC: The Clueless Black Caucus

On the very day that Michael Brown, the slain teenager from Ferguson, Mo., was buried, the Congressional Black Caucus made a major announcement.
They sent a letter complaining to President Obama. Yep, you heard correctly. They took the bold move of asking the president to investigate issues of racism and discrimination within local law enforcement nationally by setting up a police czar.
Now that you have finished laughing, let’s discuss this a little further.