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Kobe’s down and out – again!

tonykobe 600On Dec. 10, Kobe Bryant posted this on his Twitter page:

"My goodness it feels good to be back and playing! Easy to take it all for granted.. GOD I LOVE playing this game. #blessed

On Thursday (Dec. 19), he was back with this Tweet:

In between was a Tues (Dec. 17) visit to Memphis and a confrontation with the Grizzlies defensive wizard Tony Allen at the FedExForum. With Allen draped around him, Bryant toppled over, grabbing his left knee.

As most of L.A. and KobeNation held its collective breath, Bryant seemed to shake it off. After a break, he returned to action and led the Lakers to a road victory over Memphis, which is saddled with its own share of injuries.

Then came the news Thursday that the Lakers' superstar would miss six weeks with a fracture of the lateral tibial plateau.

In an interview with ESPN, Bryant said, "All I can do is do the work. And do everything I can to be back at the highest level."

Bryant recently signed a two-year contract extension.

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