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Hundreds of New Surveillance Cameras Coming to Downtown Atlanta

  • Written by The Atlanta Daily World
  • Published in Atlanta

Hundreds of New Surveillance Cameras Coming to Downtown Atlanta

The Atlanta City Council unanimously agreed to purchase 112 cameras that will be used by the Atlanta Police Department (APD) for the Operation Shield Precinct Infrastructure Development Initiative, or simply Operation Shield.

A majority of the cameras will be installed in Zone 5, which includes much of downtown and midtown Atlanta, the remaining cameras will be distributed evenly through Zones 1-4 and Zone 6. Zone 5 will feature 92 cameras, with 20 cameras being set up in the others.

The camera purchase was approved by a vote of 15-0 last week. The cost of the endeavor will be $2.25 million. That will pay for the wireless mesh network cameras as well as consulting, training and installation.

Read more http://www.atlantadailyworld.com/index.php/adw-news/659-hundreds-of-new-surveillance-cameras-coming-to-downtown-atlanta

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