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One of Detroit’s precious jewels: Kimmie Horn


When Detroit’s own Kim­mie Horne was contacted about doing this story, she was in the midst of an extensive tour in Japan, one of the many places where she is an ongoing popular attraction.

Horne who, by the way, is related to the legendary, iconic Lena Horne (on her father’s side of the family), had essentially been an R&B singer although she w

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UPDATE: Duggan Court of Appeals Decision


UPDATE: After receiving word that the Michigan Court of Appeals has affirmed Judge Popke's ruling that he is ineligible to appear on the August 6th ballot for Mayor, Mike Duggan will take the rest of today to consider his options and address the media at 10:00 AM Wednesday, June 19, 2012 at his campaign headquarters at 2751 E. Jefferson Ave.


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Join The Conversation LIVE - Pancakes Politics: CEO Roundtable


Forum 4-The CEO Roundtable
Nancy Schlichting, CEO, Henry Ford Health System
William F. Pickard, CEO, Global Automotive Alliance
Cindy Pasky, CEO, Strategic Staffing Solutions
Bud Denker, Chairman, Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix
and Sr. Vice President, Penske Corp.

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