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Body found in cabin may be Christopher Dormer

  • Written by Roz Edward, National Content Director
  • Published in RTM News Reel

dormer_manhunt.jpgNear Big Bear Lake, California (CNN)-- It may take days before authorities can officially determine whether Christopher Jordan Dorner's body was found in the ashes of a torched cabin near Big Bear Lake, California.

But several signs early Wednesday seemed to suggest that the ex-Los Angeles police officer's vendetta against his brothers in blue ended in that wooden cabin with a shootout that left one deputy dead and another wounded.

The frenzied manhunt, road blocks and helicopter flights, which had brought the mountain town to a standstill for six days, died down Tuesday night.

And late in the evening, authorities announced that they found human remains in the cabin and would need forensic experts to identify them.


+1 #1 B. Renton 2013-02-19 10:19
I would like to say I'm sorry to Christopher Dorner's family that their sweet son was ruined by the LAPD.
I also worked for an evil agency that was relentless in preventing me from doing my job and made threats when I'd try to report my superiors when I'd witness their abuses. There are bullies with badges but I feel that if Chris worked anywhere else he may have had a beautiful long life without these incidents proceeding and lives lost when he snappped from the stress.

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