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Trusting in the ‘One’ treasure

Living the life I love

Dear Lucy: I was looking on line at the items at Christies Auctions that belonged to the actress Elizabeth Taylor. There are millions of dollars in jewelry. I don’t know who will buy them or who will actually get the money for them. But the pieces are unbelievably beautiful and unbelievably expensive.  How could someone spend that kind of money on jewelry?

– M.S.

Dear M.S.: I went online and took a look at what you are referring to. You are correct. The collection is awesome! One would have to have a mega-movie star status to even have an occasion to wear most of the pieces. Elizabeth Taylor was certainly a mega-movie star and much loved by her husband’s and by her friend Michael Jackson.

There is a diamond watch in the collection valued at $500,000 given to her by Michael Jackson. It occurs to me that she must have been the very rare friend and spouse with the capacity to inspire a level of love and admiration that caused people to want to give her the gifts that caused her the greatest pleasure. This is quite an attribute for anyone to possess, so my hat is off to what this says about her capacity to inspire such giving in others.  

Who buys such expensive jewelry?  It’s pretty simple…people who can afford it and value it intrinsically and extrinsically.

Beauty and value is in the eye of the beholder. Beyond any judgments about “why,” I was reminded of the temporary nature of life. I am certain that at some point in time before her departure from planet Earth, Miss Taylor had cause to consider that she would not get to take any of her physical possessions with her.  In fact, there will be an equally extravagant and dazzling auction of her clothing! It may be that this lady had the wisdom to enjoy all of her possessions in the moment and let them go. I have no idea what her capacity for philanthropy was, how she gave or to whom she gave in ways that are lasting.

So what can we take away from your question?

This week, I did a workshop for two groups titled, “What’s In Your Treasure Chest?”    Today, during seemingly tough economic times, many of us are convinced that our earthly “Treasure Chest” is dwindling or at the very least it is not growing.  When most people are asked to select their most treasured life experiences for placement in a “Treasure Chest,” they will tend to choose only the “good” or “nice” things as treasures.

Yet, it is the mix of ups and downs, good and bad, happy and sad that teaches us and grows us into wonderful, useful human beings capable of giving meaningful service to ourselves and the rest of the world. By God’s sweet grace, I am certain that Miss Taylor had the opportunity to look into her “Treasure Chest” of life experiences and honor and cherish those that created permanent, enduring and endearing life lessons for her. I was so blessed by looking at that collection of hers that I was able to look into my own Treasure Chest in which I have stored rich memories of both hardships and joys that I am so very grateful for.  Many of them cost me a lot of lost sleep, tears, some sorrow and a few cost me some money. But, what I received in return is absolutely priceless.

As it gets closer to year’s end, do you know what’s in your “Treasure Chest?” While there are many scriptures to choose from about treasures, here is one of my favorites:  “Some trust in horses and some in chariots, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God…” How often have I called upon that name when nothing else would do!

Trusting in the “One” treasure, for you and for me,


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