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Pastor Jamal H. Bryant: ‘These Hoes Ain’t Loyal’

Pastor 600During a sermon full of homophobia, sexism and misogyny, Pastor Jamal H. Bryant, of the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Md. told his congregation how he really feels about some women.
“These hoes ain’t loyal!” he thundered from the pulpit as the congregation stomped and cheered and co-signed the statement.
Bryant pulled the words from the Chris Brown song of the same name.
Some of the lyrics are as follows:
    When a rich n***a want ya
    And your n***a can’t do nothing for ya
    These hoes ain’t loyal
    These hoes ain’t loyal
    Yeah, yeah, let me see
    Just got rich
    Took a broke n***a b***h
    I can make a broke b***h rich
    But I don’t f**k with broke b****s
    Got a white girl with some fake t****s
    I took her to the Bay with me
    Eyes closed, smoking marijuana
    Rolling up that Bob Marley
    I’m a rasta
    She wanna do drugs,
    Smoke weed, get drunk
    She wanna see a n***a trapped
    She wanna f**k all the rappers
Not exactly something one would expect a “pastor” to be referencing in agreement. 
The “Man of God” doesn’t stop there, he also had words for “baby mamas” and “sanctified sissies.”
With this level of misogyny permeating the “Word,” it’s little wonder that black women are leaving the church in droves.
In an interesting (and completely unsurprising twist), Bryant’s infidelity to his now ex-wife was exposed last year, which led to a highly publicized divorce.
Perhaps Pastor Bryant should worry about his capacity for loyalty and sexually responsibility before trying to tear down women.
Can we get an amen?
To listen to Bryant’s full sermon, click here.

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