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5 steps to cure ‘comparison fever’

LucyShaw-160Dear Lucy: I went to an event recently and ran into a person who used to work with me. She has now become an executive in a company in a great city; she showed me pictures of her new home, cars and was just bubbling with excitement about her success. She wasn't bragging, she was sharing because I was her mentor in the past. She talked about her next goal of finding a husband and starting a family. I was correctly cordial and conversational with her, but on my way home I realized that I was downright jealous of her success compared to mine. I have a job that I actually enjoy but something about her story just made me feel so bad. I am so sick over how I really feel about this. I don't want to feel like this.

– Jealous One

Dear Jealous One: Lighten up on yourself. You are just suffering from "comparison fever." It makes you all hot, sweaty, nervous, sometimes angry, sad, defeated and pitiful and emotionally distraught. I guess that's why Paul admonished us to be careful "not to compare ourselves among ourselves!"

Drama Queen by default? Here’s help

LucyShaw-160Dear Lucy: I feel as if my life is one of constant conflict. I must be a magnet for drama. I run into it at work, at home, at the beauty shop, on the road and with my family. There must be something that I am doing wrong! Please help. Just give me some practical ways to stop the drama! – Drama Queen by Default

Dear Queen: This message is for Kings too! Notice that I just called you a Queen. I didn't say what kind and I didn't limit you. So, Step 1: Be a Queen. Remember that you are the one who gets to define the kind of Queen you are. You can be the Queen of mean, failure, ugly, sad or any other negative adjective you choose.

‘Spiritual Bank Accounts’ rock in times like these

LucyShaw-160Dear Lucy: Lately, it just seems that everyone and everything is against me. No matter what I do, I run into roadblocks of criticism or failure. I know that there has to be a way out of this awful place that I am stuck in. Please help! – Stuck

Dear Stuck: It just sounds to me like you have depleted your Spiritual Bank Account!

St. Patrick’s ready to roll with mobile produce market

TheGreenMachine-600The Green Machine is Memphis' first mobile produce market and it's ready roll.

And on May 5 at 12:30 p.m., the public is invited to a ready-to-roll celebration at St. Patrick's Catholic Church downtown at 277 S. 4th St.

The retrofitted bus is operated by St. Patrick Community Outreach, Inc., a ministry of St. Patrick's Catholic Church and will bring fresh produce to 15 underserved neighborhoods with limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables. The Green Machine will make three stops a day, five days a week. The targeted locations are community centers, public schools, housing complexes, senior citizen facilities, recreational centers and health clinics.

Home look like a tornado struck? How about some help?

LucyShaw-160Dear Lucy: My husband works evenings and I work days. We have 3 very busy school age children. I pick them up from school, help with homework, take them to events, cook and clean. Our house always looks like a tornado struck it. My husband helps out by cooking and washing. But we are both exhausted. I have a friend who wants to clean house for me but my husband says we can't spend money on that. It wouldn't be much and I am tempted to just pay for it and do it anyway! I am so tired all the time. What do you think?

– Living in Chaos

Tea with the new first lady at The Blvd.

ladieswearinghats-600The Women's Ministry at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church welcomed the new first lady, Bridgett Nicole Turner, at an afternoon tea at the church on Saturday (April 20th).

The tea was attended by 300-plus ladies adorned in their finest. First lady Turner says she loves to dress-up. She requested the attendees wear hats, pearls and gloves.

The MBCC Fellowship Hall was decorated in spring colors. From the bow-covered chairs to draped-tables dressed with pearls, the setting was fit for a queen.

Hail (Shirley) Caesar!

Shirley Ceasar-600Iconic Gospel artist Shirley Caesar, who has traveled the world spreading the Gospel, settled in Memphis for a short while last week – long enough to receive accolades from a host of fans, friends and supporters.

Caesar was honored last Friday (April 12) at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church, whose pastor – the Rev. Frank Ray – has known her for years. Ray said the local event took shape after a local promoter came up with the idea of saluting the gospel legend. Soon after, several singing artists stepped up to join in.

Sunday Celebration of Teachers

teachersatchurch-600Hundreds of educators across Memphis and Shelby County were honored on Sunday (April 14) at the 2nd annual Sunday Celebration of Teachers.

The event was coordinated by Shepherding the Next Generation – Shelby County, a group of local pastors and ministry leaders who advocate for improvements in public education.

More than 75 churches paid tribute to and congratulated teachers of all levels for their hard work. Participating pastors preached on the profession, with each teacher in attendance receiving a gift of appreciation.