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Stop worrying & walk fearlessly into your desire

LucyShaw-160LIVING THE LIFE I LOVE Dear Lucy: I created five goals at your workshop back in February. I'm having trouble with the two that mean the most to me. By now I should have made a lot more progress. Any ideas?

– Stuck

Dear Stuck: Thanks for the question. I have been thinking about this myself! Here are a few ways to test your blocks to success.

1. If these goals really mean a lot to you, do you love them enough to walk in them right now? Can you assume the attitude and behavior you would possess if you had that goal already? Are you owning it? Can you stop "wanting" it and become the person who already has it? You have to love it so much that you are willing to own it as if it is already yours. Make your decisions today like the person who had met those goals would do.

2. Are you worrying over it? Worry is a sign of fear. Stop worrying and walk fearlessly into your desire.

3. Are you disciplined? Winners work at getting what they want. Everyday you must do something big or small that takes you to your goal. Are you reading about it; talking to yourself about it or visualizing yourself having it and all of the ways your life is changed by it?

4. I wonder if you are a procrastinator. Is there that one thing related to this goal that you keep putting off? This is also about fear. We procrastinate often out of fear of failure or fear of success or fear of being criticized. Either way, we never get to where we say we want to go if we put off packing the bags and getting on the plane!

5. Has the goal lost its ability to make you sizzle with passion when you think about it? Reignite the fire that made you write it down in the first place. When we lose our passion we become apathetic and stick with a goal for all the wrong reasons. Make a list of the reasons you set this goal in the first place. Do they still matter and make you sizzle?

There is no shame in rethinking your goals. Circumstances may change. But, your true hearts desire and life purpose are linked together. If you can conceive a thing, then you can have it. The connecting link between desire and achievement is believing. The biggest obstacle in any goal achievement is believing in it. Believing that you are worthy, deserving and ready for it. So take some time with these thoughts and see what you can do. Stand in your own power. You can have your hearts desire!



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