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Latest news on voter ID laws

by Keesha Gaskins
New America Media

With the 2012 election just a few months away, organizers and voters are working in earnest to support ballot issues, community concerns, and political campaigns.



  • Written by New America Media

Increased diabetic numbers and the link to profit margins

I'm confused. The World Health Organization estimates that there are 30 million diabetics and 79 million pre-diabetics living in the United States. If this is true – I'm not disputing the WHO's statistics – then why are the numbers increasing? And, with modern technology at our command, why aren't these people being cured?

Staying healthy should be a goal that each of us seeks. But if there is no cure for diabetes, and if it's making people sicker and sicker even after seeing a doctor, then the battle is already lost.


A free pass for GOP’s Romney

One of the most remarkable things about Mitt Romney's run for the White House is that the presumptive Republican nominee is allowed to attack President Obama on everything from saving the automobile industry to immigration. Yet, the news media rarely point out that Romney is against many things, especially if proposed by President Obama, but is usually evasive on what he is for.


  • Written by George Curry

Tips for Romney, if he wants to engage African Americans

by Raynard Jackson

Now that Mitt Romney is the de facto nominee for the Republican Party, I have been reflecting on the state of the presidential race as it enters the final stretch. As a political strategist, I understand the necessity to run to the right during the Republican primary and then migrate to the center during the general election.

It is common knowledge that Romney has no intention of focusing on the black vote during the general election. From a raw political perspective, I agree with his approach, but from a strategic perspective, I totally disagree.


High air fares are ‘ice on our wings’

by Tom Jones
Special to The New Tri-State Defender

For Memphis businesses, every dollar spent on an exorbitantly high Delta Airlines ticket is a dollar that can't be invested in growing the business or creating jobs. In our personal lives, because of unjustifiably expensive tickets, we accept the fact that we cannot afford to attend out-of-town activities with friends and families that are taken for granted by people in most cities.

Because of these concerns, I created a Facebook group called Delta Does Memphis


Now playing: stress, but it doesn’t have to be a long run

Stress is a killer. The devastating effects from stress will creep up on you like a thief in the night and rob you of your life. If you're not careful, you won't be around to enjoy life's golden years or dote on your grandchildren. I hate to be this blunt, but this is a wakeup call.

What is stress? Your body is a unique construction of bones, muscles, blood vessels and an intricate nervous system that responds to interior and exterior threats.


Right-wingers hate Romney, but hate Obama more

What is interesting about the relationship of the extreme political Right to Mitt Romney is that they actually hate him. This is not speculation. If you review the language of the Republican primary season, it is clear that they actually despise him. They do not believe that he is a real conservative. They do not believe that he even has a belief system. Some of the so-called Christian elements do not trust his Mormonism. So, one could say that there is an alignment that should result in the extreme Right sitting out the election.

Except for one thing: They hate (Barack) Obama even more.


  • Written by Bill Fletcher Jr.

Myth or reality: black fathers missing and uninvolved?

by Kaila Heard
NNPA News Service

One of the most popular statistics about the black family that is currently being touted is how 72 percent of black children are being raised in a single-parent household. The prevailing assumption being that because of the lack of wedded couples, children from these unions are being raised without their fathers.

However, does the dearth of marriages in black communities mean that there is also an epidemic of missing, uninvolved fathers?


  • Written by NNPA News Service