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Dr. King’s greedy children at it again

In his "I Have a Dream Speech" delivered at the 1963 March on Washington, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said he dreamed of the day his children would be judged not by the color of their skin but the cont


  • Written by George Curry

More access to dental care needed for poor children

As states wrangle with whether to pursue Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, they should look carefully at the serious implications for oral health, especially for poor and minority children if Medicaid services are not expanded as originally envisioned under the ACA.

Twelve years ago, as Surgeon General of the United States, I issued a report calling attention to the profound disparities in oral health care across the country.


Update: Invaders’ community celebration

by John Burl Smith

The response to the Memphis Invaders documentary has been tremendous. One of the South Memphis communities – Trigg and Florida – where the youth group implemented a summer program called the Neighborhood Organizing Project (NOP) has taken ownership of the documentary and is fully invested in its success. Last weekend (9-2-12), that community came together in a commemorative celebration at Aunt Cora's Cafe, a community entertainment spot frequently visited by the Invaders during the turbulent 1960s and 70s.


15 memorable quotes from the Democratic Convention

No. 15 – Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (Mo.):

"Congress is unable to do the work of the American people because too many politicians believe that compromise means capitulation. This must change, because just as bees cannot sting and make honey at the same time, members of Congress cannot simultaneously make passionate enemies and expect political progress."


  • Written by George Curry

Un-conventional political wisdom

Now that both national party conventions have ended, it's time to reflect. Most of the analysis you have seen or heard has been pretty much what was expected. Most of the political pundits live in an echo chamber – they all talk with each other and travel in similar social circles. I found very little fresh, insightful analysis. And that is also the problem with both campaigns. They both have staffed up with recycled consultants, who all have similar worldviews that are out of synch with the public.


Which is healthier: Organic foods or conventional foods?

A few months ago I sat down with a group of local farmers and inquired about organic fruits and vegetables vs. non-organic. I asked them if they'd grown anything organic and, if so, whether they were selling them in local stores and markets. I was surprised to learn that the farmers were indeed growing organic fruits and vegetables and selling them throughout the region.

My next question was about organic labeling or tags on produce. They explained that smaller farmers weren't able to afford the organic certification label that you'd find on organic produce.


Healthcare Industry: Big business for small, ‘minority’ businesses

by Tarrin McGhee
Special to The New Tri-State Defender

Forty-five percent of healthcare systems throughout the country plan on spending more money in capital investment this year than what was spent in the past five years – a move that will present tremendous new business opportunities for minority and women vendors and service providers, according to Gary Shorb.


Do what is required to stay healthy; don’t overeat

The obesity rate in America is at an all-time high, costing too many lives and threatening others on the periphery of weight gain. To put it plainly, obesity is not just unhealthy, it's life threatening. We as a people, as a nation, are digging our own grave with relative ease and less thought about survival. Who is to blame for this run-away health problem? The tens of thousands who refuse to take obesity seriously.