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Women and body fat: It’s OK

Ladies, are you becoming frustrated with weight loss? Have you noticed that men tend to lose weight and body fat faster than you? If so, don't get down on yourself. It's actually healthy and perfectly


Inarguable need for sales tax increase

Some issues rise above the day-to-day politics of our city. Surely the opportunity to give every child in Memphis an equal and fair start in life is one of them.

It is why every Memphian should vote to guarantee that our new school district has the funding that it needs to turn the promise of better schools into reality. The good news is that we can make it happen with a very small increase in our sales tax – only five cents on a $50 purchase.


TSD nod to President Obama for term two

In 2006, as former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. was making his bid for the U.S. Senate, he brought a bright, first-term senator from Illinois to Memphis for a campaign fundraiser. I met that young senator, who I described at the time as warm, charming and personable while also regal, a dynamic orator, a charismatic personality and a definite star on the rise!


Half-cent rise in sales tax is right move

My support of a half-cent sales tax increase will give pre-kindergarteners as young as 4 years old an opportunity to acquire the fundamental skills that they need to transition to upper grade levels, college and eventually out into the workforce.

I am a proponent of education and believe all children, regardless of their socioeconomic background, deserve the best education we can provide for them, from pre-school to high school and beyond. Therefore, I'm urging the citizens of Memphis and the unincorporated areas of Shelby County to join me in voting for the countywide sales tax referendum on the Nov. 6 ballot.


GOP abandoned me

During the past year, as my columns have been syndicated to more outlets throughout the world, I have been asked by many leaders in the Republican Party why I am so critical. The short answer is that I am very concerned about the direction my party is taking. It has increasingly become the party of old, white, balding males.


Every fair election requires thoughtful champions

For an election to be fair, America needs champions with the courage to act and the will to lead. Often, these are ordinary people – the folks who register new voters, regardless of their political party, and offer both Democrats and Republicans rides to the polls.

People with this mindset, increasingly, are a rare breed.


  • Written by Linda S. Wallace