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Healthy living and moments of choice

Do your days sometime feel like a blur?

Are you just racing against the clock to keep up with all the daily chores or projects before you each day: taking and picking up the kids before and after school, grocery shopping, answering emails and postal mail, paying those dreaded bills, and meeting all those deadline at work and at home as placed before you each day?

When thinking to yourself, do you ever feel there is not a moment of calm in your life?

The hustle of each day seems to always weigh you down but, thankfully, a window of opportunity seems to appear just when you need it the most.

I am often asked, "How do you cope when you're not happy with yourself or your life, which at times appears to not have any meaning?"

My response to them: "Life is full of meaning and you must discover your purpose in that life. Sometimes we must work to uncover (the) purpose that will determine our destiny."

These moments in time always seem to linger in the subconscious mind as if to say: "What if I was to act on how I feel about life and not give into pressures around me, knowing that I'm in control of my future and that only I can determine my outcome for great success?"

When making lifestyle changes in regard to staying healthy, we are only able to accomplish our desired changes by following a roadmap towards better health. We cannot give energy to negative factors, family, friends, associates or anyone who tries to destroy our dream.

The moment has arrived for you to take charge! Today has to be the beginning of your new life as it relates to your mind, body and sprit.

If you were to examine your present circumstances and truly ask yourself why you stay sick, exhausted and stressed out – you might begin to understand what is truly at the root of your ill health. When you go to the doctor, they try to appease, pacify, and prescribe for you because the information you discuss makes it appear you are lost in space.

The human body is funny but fragile and we feel pain and aches that occur on a daily basis. We are constantly searching for the magic shot or miracle pill to solve or render the problem cured but often times it actually gets worse before it ever gets better.

We are the only ones who can make that needed change to bring back happiness into our life on a daily basis, instead of being swept away in the moment as if in a time warp.

Case in point: a recent discussion with a client, Jasmine, who was burdened with weight issues.

"I've tried every diet known to man and with a few of them, I've had some success in losing some inches," she said. "Over time every time the weight regains."

For Jasmine, this has become very stressful. It's a life-threatening issue as it relates to her health, placing her at-risk for developing an early onset of high blood pressure, diabetes, lupus, cancer and a lot of other autoimmune diseases.

As I listened to Jasmine, I realized that she was not alone in this dilemma. Millions of individuals fight this struggle everyday, trying to lose unwanted pounds that seem to never leave their bodies. They hide under new and bigger clothes. In each case, a closer look into the mirror reflects a person they don't really want to see.

This is where the stress and the emotional toll begins to set in. With it comes all those negative factors from people, clouding the conscious mind with doubt.

Our success begins within – wanting a better quality of health, which will provide a better and more satisfying life.

Recognizing the blurred appearance and disappearance of some of the best moments of your life can open your eyes to the realization that a dietary lifestyle change will enhance your total well being. This simple change has been proven many times over to our society.

After visualizing the change, you are ready to make the leap in real time. All it takes is one second to choose and one minute to begin.

Congratulations on taking those wonderful first steps.

(Dr. Timothy Moore teaches nutrition, heart disease and diabetes reversal through a plant-based lifestyle. He is a professional speaker, wellness coach and personal plant-based chef. He is the author of "47 Tips To Reverse Your Diabetes." He can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , visit him at www.cheftimothymoore.com or follow him at www.twitter.com/cheftimmoore.)

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