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Only In Memphis!!

The New Tri-State Defender is excited to announce a new reader-contributed column to run in print and online, “Only in Memphis.”

Bernal E. Smith II

The New Tri-State Defender is excited to announce a new reader-contributed column to run in print and online. “Only in Memphis” (OIM) is crafted to represent the unique experiences of our readers as they interact and encounter one another in the streets of Memphis, as well as in their homes, churches, places of work and other places throughout the community.

The idea is for you the reader to share with the community those things you experience that could arguably be only experienced here in Memphis. Be the positive, negative, funny, or in some cases even tragic, we want to share your most interesting and head scratching moments.  Feel free to share photos, videos, and brief stories about your “Only in Memphis!” experiences.

Email your accounts and experiences (no more than 300 words) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . (We reserve the right to reject certain offensive content solely at our discretion.)

This week’s OIM inspired the column and comes from a very recent and personal experience.  I shared a version of this on Facebook that went something like this:  

So I’m in a car accident today. A young lady attempts to turn left in front of me and hits my car. She gets ticketed for failure to yield and on top of that has no insurance (another violation) on what I am sure is a recently purchased “income tax check” Cadillac (given that it still had the drive out tags still on it).  She indicated, “I just got this car, I ain’t put no insurance on it yet!” After I see the paramedics and talk with the police officers on site, the young lady and I exchange information and ultimately I leave the scene. Why does she call me ten minutes later, addressing me by my first name as if she’s known me for twenty years and have the audacity to proceed to ask me for a favor, which is to come back to the scene of the accident and GIVE her $100!!! Give!?! One Hundred U.S. American Dollars?

Ok, Ashton Kutcher and Tracey Morgan, you can come out now, you got me!! She hits my car, gives me a near heart attack and a definite back ache, has no insurance and has the nerve to ask me for money so she can pay to get her car towed so that Memphis’ Finest won’t impound it. Keep in mind I don’t know her from a can of paint and said just enough to her on the scene to exchange info. Am I crazy? Lord knows I’m a nice guy, but do I have fool tatted on my forehead? What can I say? OIM! Only in Memphis!!  

Get your OIM stories, photos and videos ready. Yours could be featured next week!!!

(Bernal E. Smith II is President/ Publisher of The New Tri-State Defender.)


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