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Youth group evolves to aid growth of ‘Medensan’ ethnic family

Many students are excited about being part of the Medensan ethnic family. And now, something new and innovative for Medensan students in high school and college has arrived on the scene.
 Justin T. George
 Justin T. George

Seeing the devastating effects that the lack of an ethnic name has on the development of so called African-Americans, a civil rights elder, Tanner M. George Sr., developed the name MEDENSAN as an ethnic name for the descendents of African persons who were enslaved in the Americans. “M” represents all of the world’s people that migrated from Africa and have the world’s blood running through their veins. “EDEN” in the name represents the biblical description of Africa, our native land. The “S” in the name denotes us as being the descendants of slaves and the “A” in the name represents the Americas, where our ancestors were held in captivity.

Many students are excited about being part of the Medensan ethnic family. And now, something new and innovative for Medensan students in high school and college has arrived on the scene. I, along with a few other young adults, have formed an organization, the name of which is 1Evolution. As evidenced by the wide proliferation of Greek organizations, and even gangs, most young adults want to be a part of a family type social group and/ or organization. They want to be part of something that can help them grow and make a positive influence on the world.

Unfortunately, in Medensan communities across the nation we find few organizations that truly address that particular need and other problems that young Medensans face on a daily basis. 1Evolution is THE organization that provides a solution! The idea behind 1Evolution is to help young Medensan men and women learn from whence they came and to whom they belong.  The group also helps them to know who they are, how to accurately interpret where they are going and who they will become.

The title “1Evolution” came about because the word “Evolution” is defined as any process of growth and development, which is the sole purpose of the organization.

1Evolution wants to inform young Medensans about the greatness of their people and their heritage in hopes of inspiring them to see the true value that is within them. The organization is an uplifting one that helps people realize that we, Medensans, are a family that will stick together and help each other through the struggles that the masses of our people face on an everyday basis.

1Evolution will provide its members with any moral and/or educational support they need, whether it is simply someone to talk to or help with schoolwork by breaking it down so they can understand it. This will help academic grades increase. 1Evolution encourages its members to maintain a 2.5/C average.  1Evolution students will assist potential and existing members in seeking and maintaining the required GPA. Also, we encourage all students that do not have the required average to attain it through after school tutoring provided from their schools and/or weekend tutoring provided by 1Evolution. 1Evolution is committed to community service, which will be available throughout the year.

The organization is in partnership with Minister Earlie Nickols III, Youth Pastor of Calvary Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Elder Earlie Nickols Jr. Medensan classes that instruct about our great heritage, culture and the promise of Medensan ethnicity will be starting soon. We will promote Medensan ethnicity and pledge to love, honor and respect every 1Evolution member as well as the entire Medensan Family.  

We believe that 1Evolution is the start of a new beginning that will produce responsible, educated, successful and loving Medensan citizens who understand and value themselves as well as their ethnicity. It is also our belief that through the growth of its membership, 1Evolution will inspire young and other people to believe that no obstacle is too great to overcome and that any human being can achieve greatness through hard work, true belief, and strong determination.

1Evolution is currently a Memphis based organization, but as membership grows, the goal is to branch out and reach other parts of Tennessee and even the nation.  

(Justin T. George is a sophomore at the University of Memphis.)

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