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We are all toxic – really?

Chef Timothy Moore-160In the past 50 to 60 years our environment has become progressively more polluted, which has resulted in a larger human toxic burden than ever before. Chemicals are being produced, tested and introduced into our environment at a frightening rate. It doesn't matter where we are or in what part of the county we live, everyone will have some level of exposure to toxins.

These invisible toxins are in our prescription drugs, household cleaners, alcohol, tobacco, and over-the-counter drugs. It is virtually impossible to keep our bodies free of these substances, unless of course we live in a bubble.

Our bodies are composed of many organs, but our liver carries the greatest burden. The liver has the task of disposing of foreign substances, as well as body-produced hormones. We can assist in this process by providing our body with enough of the proper nutrients to help the liver function.

The western-American diet today is totally different than in the past. It is now comprised of high fat and sugars and nutrient-free vegetables, fruits, grains and anabolic and hormone-laden meats. This unhealthy diet does not provide adequate nutrients for our metabolic purposes, including detoxification.

These dietary habits and the limited variety of nutrient-based foods we eat can result in allergies to some of the most common foods, such as wheat, peanut butter, egg and soy.

We can often build up many potentially toxic substances in our body by making unwise dietary choices and careless decisions.

It has been reported that approximately 25 percent of the U.S. population have a condition called fatty liver. This means an increased amount of fat in the liver. The primary role of the liver is the detoxification process in the body.

We read and hear of so many ways to detoxify our body, such as juice, pills, colonoscopy, water and certain foods. To some extent they may work, but in most cases they don't, leaving out some very key components to the detoxification process.

People often say they are drinking alkaline water, and there's nothing wrong with drinking that type of water. The problem is our food choices have not changed, so it is like brushing our teeth in the morning with no toothpaste.

An important step to take when detoxifying is to exercise, which increases oxygen delivery to all your tissues and increases your body temperature and metabolism. This makes your body more efficient at breaking down and eliminating toxins. It also increases the flow of lymphatic fluid, which assists your body in the detoxing process.

One key way to lose weight is to exercise. Exercise helps to remove toxins and unwanted fat by improving bowel elimination, which is one way toxins are removed from the body.

About 60 percent of toxins are released from the body through the mouth; 30 percent are released with bowel elimination; six percent through urination; and four percent through the skin.

So whatever your detoxification methods may be, you need to make exercising a part of your program.

(Dr. Timothy Moore teaches nutrition, heart disease and diabetes reversal through a plant-based lifestyle. A professional speaker, wellness coach and personal plant-based chef, he's the author of "47 Tips To Reverse Your Diabetes.'' Reach him by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.cheftimothymoore.com or www.twitter.com/cheftimmoore.)

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