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Allen West: Women in combat are threat to ‘American warrior culture’

allen-west-400In a recent Facebook post, former Republican congressman Allen West explained why he believes women do not belong in military units.

West expressed his disapproval towards President Obama and the Defense Department for approving a policy allowing women to fill thousands of combat jobs in the military.

The news was announced on the heels of the Congressional hearings on the increasing number of sexual assault cases in the military.

West considers the debate "hypocritical," arguing that the same individuals who "are up in arms" over the issue should not also believe women have a place in combat scenarios.

"I find it completely hypocritical for everyone to be up in arms about military sexual assault, but then want to cast women into high stress small unit combat elements," West writes in his post.

West makes it clear that he does not believe women are capable of achieving the same physical strength as men to be able to defend themselves in combat.

However, the policy — which will allow women to begin training as Army Rangers in 2015 — requires men and women to meet the same physical and mental standards to qualify for any front-line positions.

Still, West goes on to write: "The objective is obvious: destroy the last bastions of American warrior culture all for the advancement of a misguided vision of fairness and equality. There is no equality in close combat. The goal is simple: you physically overpower the enemy and kill them. Don't tell me about technology, war is about fighting and fighting is about killing, mano y mano."

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