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TSD issues call for Men of Excellence

The New Tri-State Defender’s 3rd annual Men of Excellence Reception and Awards Celebration is set for Sept. 30, with the window for nominations opening on Thursday (Aug. 18). The New Tri-State Defender’s 3rd annual Men of Excellence Reception and Awards Celebration is set for Sept. 30, with the window for nominations opening on Thursday (Aug. 18).

“September 30th, the TSD will take the opportunity to recognize, honor and uplift deserving African-American men who have consistently made a difference in the lives of others and in making Memphis a better place to live,” said TSD President and Publisher Bernal E. Smith II.

“Too often it seems that our leaders whether at the community grassroots level or at the corporate executive level get overshadowed by negative news concerning African-American men. The New Tri-State Defender is ecstatic to take a leading role in honoring those that consistently demonstrate excellence in their chosen fields of endeavor and for their service in improving the quality of life for those around them.”

The community is encouraged to submit deserving candidates for this year’s class of 50, said Smith, who emphasized the active role the community will play in helping to identify the most deserving for 2011.

After Thursday’s kickoff, the nomination period closes at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 1. A nomination form appears in this week’s TSD (page 15). A nomination form can also be downloaded using the attachments link found at the bottom of this story. 

Through its annual Men of Excellence recognition, the TSD acknowledges that African-American men have contributed much toward shaping America’s history and the history of Memphis, often against considerable odds. Throughout the city’s history, African-American men such as Robert R. Church, A. Maceo Walker, A.W. Willis and Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks have made contributions of excellence in their respective professions and to the community at large.    

Today, many African-American men are in the forefront of myriad sectors from politics and public service to business and entertainment. The New Tri-State Defender, the Mid-South’s leading source of news, politics, entertainment and lifestyle information from the African-American perspective, will acknowledge these men for their contributions to the region, to the community, and to the business world.

The selection committee that begins its work this week will be seeking nominations of men who have displayed exceptional courage, unwavering conviction, and outstanding effort and contributions in their fields of endeavor.  

“Each candidate must be a local African-American male executive, business owner or community leader,” said Smith. “Each man should have demonstrated success and positive character, be a positive role model whose contributions encourage others, and be active in community service or organizational involvement.”

(The Tri-State Defender is one of the longest continuously-published African American newspapers in the United States.  Through a combination of its print newspaper, website, digital publication and social media pages the paper reaches over 30,000 readers each week.  The mission of the Tri-State Defender is to be the primary voice of the African American community in the Greater Memphis market.)

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