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TSD Health fair – a day to move


Virginia Lawrence and Bessie T. Gray were among a group of seniors who participated in the Tri-State Defender’s Let’s Move Memphis Health Fair and Family Fun Day anchored at the new Manassas High School.
With water in hand, this volunteer was a welcome sight. (Photo by Warren Roseborough)

Virginia Lawrence lives in South Memphis near Martin Luther King Jr. Park. Most mornings, about 6:30, she and her walking buddy, Bessie T. Gray, can be seen moving through the neighborhood.

Virginia Lawrence (left) and her exercise buddy, Bessie T. Gray, power through the 3K Walk/Run that kicked off the New Tri-State Defender’s Let’s Move Memphis Health Fair and Family Fun Day at Manassas High School. (Photo by Warren Roseborough)

Lucy Shaw (right) demonstrates the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Edna Young. (Photo by Shirley Jackson)

“They tell us all the time that walking is the best source of exercise,” said Lawrence. “We get ours.”

Last Saturday, Lawrence and Gray were among a group of seniors who participated in the Tri-State Defender’s Let’s Move Memphis Health Fair and Family Fun Day anchored at the new Manassas High School at 1111 North Manassas. As the day kicked off with a 3K Walk Run, the exercise partners helped maintain the pace.

“Yes, these kinds of events are important,” said Lawrence, after completing the trek through the North Memphis community. “The more you move, the better you are going to be able to move. If you just sit all the time, and eat…you see some of us, don’t you?”

The 2011 Annual Health Fair and Family Fun Day – the third for TSD – is one of the most important events that TSD conducts each year, said Bernal E. Smith II, President and Publisher of the New Tri-State Defender.

“The opportunity to promote healthy habits, provide free access to health services and screenings while promoting family are some of the most important activities in which we might endeavor. This year’s event at Manassas High School gave us a chance to serve the North Memphis community, making a positive difference and fulfilling a part of our mission to improve quality of life,” said Smith.

The first annual 3K Walk provided the opportunity to promote exercise while encouraging folks in the neighborhood to get out and get involved. People came out of their homes to wave and talk as participants moved along the route.

“The Memphis Police Department is to be commended for doing a tremendous job in making sure we had a safe route as we walked through the streets and for being kind and courteous to walkers and residents alike,” said Smith.

Sponsors of the Annual Health Fair and Family Fun Day were Methodist Lebonheur HealthCare, Nike, AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield, WMC-TV 5, Memphis City Schools, Mid-South Gastroenterology Group, WPLX, WLOK, and M-Squared Consultants. Thanks to such participation, said Smith, “We were able to have a successful fair, providing empowering information and critical resources and make a $500 donation to Manassas High School to support principal James Griffin and his team in their continued efforts to improve student achievement.”

Community partner Gospel Temple Baptist Church provided volunteers to help with logistics and support for the entire event.

State Rep. Steve Cohen applauded the healthcare providers on hand and spoke to the importance of the setting. Healthcare has to be taken to the people, he said.

“Hopefully, one day soon, when we get the Affordable Health Care Act implemented, we will have health care available so that we won’t have to have health fairs because there will be more physicians in the inner city and more opportunity and affordability,” said Cohen. “But until then, it is real important to have these events.”

Chef Timothy Moore puts on a show preparing zucchini pasta. (Photo by Warren Roseborough)

Randy Wade (left) and Thaddeus Matthews (Photo by Warren Roseborough) These exhibitors were among many providing empowering information about health. (Photo by Tyrone P. Easley)

Cassandra Brown, who is expecting her first child, and her mom, Belinda Risby get some pointers about childbirth from Mary Ogilivie (left) and Vicki Hardesty the executive Director of Birthright of Memphis. (Photo by Warren Roseborough)

Tri-State Defender Executive Editor Karanja A. Ajanaku (Photo by Warren Roseborough)

President and Publisher of the Tri-State Defender Bernal E. Smith II (Photo by Warren Roseborough)

Derrick Green (left) getting spinal check screening from Natalie Cunningham. (Photo by Warren Roseborough)

For Hannah Blackwell the TSD Health Fair was a bouncing affair. (Photo by Warren Roseborough)

The DT Community Premier Steppers (Photo by Warren Roseborough)

Ester Moore, Health Fair coordinator (Photo by Warren Roseborough)

A 3K Walk Run kicked off the TSD Health Fair and Family Fun Day. (Photo by Warren Roseborough)

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