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Is TVA moving from coal to gas?

no natural gas
TVA is making decisions about the future of the Allen coal-burning power plant right now. This urgent issue requires immediate action in our community. Yes, they provide us electricity, but there is a cleaner safer way than burning coal.
The problem
TVA released a draft environmental assessment outlining plans to retire the Allen coal-burning power plant in Memphis and to replace it with a natural gas-fired plant. TVA recently hosted a public open house event (July 8th) at the Amtrak Train Station Boardroom to discuss their plans with the public. The Sierra Club, the NAACP Memphis Branch, and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy were on hand to share their organizational views on the TVA’s proposed plan to convert the plant from coal to natural gas.  
The Allen coal plant is the biggest toxic polluter in Shelby County, and letting it run into the future means more health-threatening pollution will be spewed into our air every day. Shelby County already has some of the worst air quality in the region. Air pollution levels here regularly exceed safety limits set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
We support TVA’s decision to retire the old and inefficient coal plant, and not spend over $500 million to keep the plant running in the future. But, TVA doesn’t have to trade coal for natural gas, another expensive fossil fuel, which pollutes our air. 
The best path forward is replacing the Allen coal plant with energy efficiency measures and a portfolio of clean renewable energy sources, including wind and solar. Investments in these clean energy technologies will protect the health of our families, lower energy bills, create high-paying jobs, and promote new economic opportunities in our region.
What you can do
We need your help! A 30-day public comment period on TVA’s proposal is now open, and will close August 5th.  The entire draft Environmental Assessment can be found at http://www.tva.com/allen-ea.
Comments can be submitted in writing by fax at 865-632-3451 or online at http://www.tva.com/allen-ea.  
The final decision on the future of the Allen coal plant will be voted on by the TVA Board of Directors at an upcoming meeting, perhaps as early as August 21. You can make a difference in our energy future by getting involved. 
Work with us to move Memphis beyond coal and toward reliable, clean sources of energy. 
(For more information, contact Rita Harris – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Sierra Club at 901-324-7757.)

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