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GOP lawmaker: businesses should have right not to serve blacks

GOPLawMaker 600Phil Jensen, a Republican state senator from South Dakota, has raised eyebrows with some of his recent remarks about the rights of businesses to be prejudiced on the issue of race.

According to the Rapid City Journal, Jensen doesn't see a problem with people refusing to serve someone because they're black.

"If someone was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and they were running a little bakery for instance, the majority of us would find it detestable that they refuse to serve blacks, and guess what? In a matter of weeks or so that business would shut down because no one is going to patronize them," Jensen told the Journal.

Jensen is not a stranger to this topic. He introduced legislation (SB 128) in the state senate earlier this year, which would have allowed businesses to show bias against people in the LGBT community. The bill failed.

phil-jensen-485x592The Journal, which suggests Jensen may be the deep red state South Dakota's most conservative legislator, reached out to one of his most vocal local opponents, David Patton, president of the Black Hills Center for Equality.

"The free market didn't do away with slavery," Patton said.

Click here to read more about Jensen's views.


0 #1 Jim Sdoia 2014-03-19 22:37
Wow! You use a inaccurate headline and juxtapose a picture from pre-civil rights days to fan the flames of hatred and bigotry towards Republicans. I don't know this state legislator but I agree with his quote that if there was a bakery run by a KKK most people, myself included, would not patronize it and it would go out of business. Why is that quote wrong? Don't you agree with that quote or would you patronize a KKK establishment?

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