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TMZ Poll: ‘African-American’ or ‘N---a’

suge 600Former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight told TMZ that he is offended when people call him African American because he isn't African. Knight said that the term is offensive to black people, TMZ reports.

But Knight didn't stop there, and neither did TMZ. Knight explained that he didn't understand the controversy surrounding the word "n---a" and felt that its use shouldn't be limited only to rappers.

TMZ wrote, "At first his theory sounds a little shocking, but maybe he has a point. So we gotta ask."

They posted an online poll asking readers whether people should "refer to black people as 'African American' or 'n---a'."

At press time, "n---a" is leading the poll, with 56 percent of some 66,000 votes reported.

Read more at TMZ.

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+1 #1 Byron Jacobs 2013-12-17 12:04
Emphasis on "Former" Deathrow CEO. Suge is no longer relevant, but I do agree that 'African-Americ an' is not a definitive way to refer to negroes in America. Neither is '[censored].'
I know of a number of white Afrikaaners who now live in U.S.
Are they not also "African American?"

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