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Education commissioner leaving for private sector


NASHVILLE — Education Department Commissioner Kevin Huffman saidThursday that the scrutiny he received during his nearly four turbulent years at the helm of the state's schools didn't influence his decision to leave for the private sector.

Huffman, whose departure was announced by Gov. Bill Haslam, has been a lightning rod whose policies and strong advocacy for Common Core standards made him a target for conservatives and teachers' groups.

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54 years later, civil rights figure says U.S. divided by race again


NEW ORLEANS — Ruby Bridges was 6 years old in 1960 when she became the first black student to attend a previously all-white elementary school in New Orleans, one of the iconic moments in the U.S. civil rights movement. Today, the civil rights pioneer says America looks a lot like it did then: A nation with segregated schools and racial tension.

On Friday — 54 years later to the day when she first walked up the steps to William Frantz Elementary School — she commemorates that event with the unveiling of a statue in her likeness at her old school. Also, she is reuniting with the white teacher who taught her and with the sole-surviving U.S. marshal who walked her to school.

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Missed messages

Missed Messages

My poster was important. I knew it was vital information. I wanted everyone who came by to see it and take action on it. As I approached the noticeboard of the local library, I was faced with a harsh reality. It was full.

Here I was with an important message, or so I thought, about a food drive to help the Mid-South Food Bank. The information I wanted to share had the potential to make a difference in someone’s life.  But the board where I wanted to place the message was full of other flyers, posters and business cards. I am sure that everyone else thought that their message was equally as important.

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Too quick to crown


Maybe you too have noticed the hugely heightened media hype and hypocrisy we’re all forced to tolerate that has nothing to do with substance. We’re talking about TV news stations playing games and contests (coincidentally during ratings sweeps) in the newscasts, having nothing whatsoever to do with news or weather and everything to do with goosing (bribing is a better word) their ratings.

Sports shows do it too. Not so much with contests but with hyped content and conversation far too subjective and sensationalized to be serious. For example: “Is the Greatest of All Time…Kobe or LeBron?”

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‘Let’s hold overall judgment on the overall team’


For many who await the tip-off of the University of Memphis men’s basketball season like a favorite holiday, losing is not part of the equation, especially with a Division 2, crosstown team as the opponent. Never mind that the game did not officially count.

So, what happened at the FedExForum on Wednesday night? By the numbers it was a 74-70 defeat in overtime to the Christian Brothers University Buccaneers.

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