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Election draw federal monitors 06 August 2014 Original
How to change your image 06 August 2014 News
Lincoln’s handwriting found on book about race 06 August 2014 National
Obama seeks ‘long term’ partnership with Africa 06 August 2014 News
Memphis cotton warehouse sued in federal court 06 August 2014 Greater Metro
Be careful about cashing out 06 August 2014 Original
Kerry and Biden urge African leaders to be more open 05 August 2014 News
Congressman’s son, Fattah Jr., charged with fraud 05 August 2014 National
Keke Palmer to be Broadway’s 1st African-American Cinderella 05 August 2014 Entertainment
Radio Host Fired For Racist Tirade Resurfaces In "Pro-White" Media 05 August 2014 National
African Americans, a ‘Fourth Quarter People’ 05 August 2014 Business
Best-selling African-American books for Summer 2014 05 August 2014 Entertainment
These fire and fainting challenges are stupid and dangerous 04 August 2014 Opinion
Houston, weave have a problem: robbers steal pricey fake hair 04 August 2014 National
African-American unemployment rate increases 04 August 2014 News
African Leaders Summit in America 04 August 2014 News
Palestinian and the Black American freedom struggles 04 August 2014 Opinion
Democrats’ smart butt white boys syndrome 04 August 2014 Opinion
This week’s DVD releases 04 August 2014 Original
Dems, GOP looking for black, minority turnout 02 August 2014 National