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LEGACY: E. Laura Owens

LegacyOwens 600 Mrs. E. Laura Owens, owner of N. H. Owens & Son Funeral Home and widow of the late Noble H. Owens Jr., died Sunday at Methodist University Hospital.
A retired 30-year schoolteacher from Memphis City Schools, Mrs. Owens passed away with daughters Cheryl and DeNobra “Dena” Owens by her side.
Mrs. Owens was born in Georgia. For 60 years, she was an active member of St. John Baptist Church on Vance Avenue and Memphis’ Phi Delta Kappa Sorority for teachers for which she was a founding member.

Don Davis – an intersection for entertainment and the banking industry – passes away

DonDavis 600DETROIT (PRNewswire) – Roll through the credits for the 1968 hit “Whose Making Love” and the mega-hit “Disco Lady” and the name Don Davis pops up as producer. Davis, a Grammy Award-winning producer who made historical contributions to the music industry, died Thursday after a brief illness. He was 75.
A lifelong entrepreneur, Davis was CEO and chairman of First Independence Bank, Michigan’s only African-American owned and operated commercial bank, with multiple branches around the City of Detroit. With $204 million in assets (as of Dec. 31, 2013), First Independence Bank ranks as one of the top ranked African-American owned banks in the United States, according to Black Enterprise Magazine. 

Why Democrats are losing the voter-ID message war

voterID 600Voter-ID laws must not be all that bad if black folks like them, right?
That’s the new political wolf ticket that the Republican rank and file want you to buy. Conservative activists, as jumpy as “So You Think You Can Dance” contestants, have hit the media trail with their latest talking point: Black folks heart voter ID, courtesy of freshly baked polling numbers, courtesy of Fox News—the king of unapologetically biased networks. 
Per Fox, 51 percent of African Americans are down with voter ID when they’re asked: “Supporters of these laws say they are necessary to stop ineligible people from voting illegally. Opponents say these laws are unnecessary and mostly discourage legal voters from voting. What do you think?” 

Memphis Links, Inc. and Girls Inc. partner to ‘Get Out the Vote’

register 600The Memphis chapter of the Links, Inc. and Girls, Inc. of Memphis will host a “Get Out the Vote” campaign to help Memphis and Shelby County citizens register on Saturday (June 7th).
The voter registration drive will take place from 10 a.m. to noon in the main entrance of the Southland Mall. Participants can bring any form of government identification. Assistance with filling out the voter registration card will be provided, if necessary.
The outreach effort is being extended through the Links’ “It’s a Girl’s Life” (IAGL) program in conjunction with Girls, Inc. of Memphis’ Eureka Program.

Michael Baisden returns to a ‘movement’ he helped launch

Baisden 600(BlackNews.com) – Nationally syndicated radio host and community activist Michael Baisden and professor Devin Robinson are linked to the “movement” that will be on display at the 5th annual Beauty Supply Store Start-Up Summer Conference in Atlanta.
Organized by Robinson (www.DevinRobinson.com), the conference is set for Aug. 16th-17th. Baisden will be the keynote speaker.
Baisden first met Robinson via telephone in 2006, when Robinson appeared on his show in connection with the documentary “The Korean Takeover,” which highlighted the challenges African Americans faced in the beauty supply business. At the time, Robinson owned three stores and had recently authored “Taking it Back: How to Become a Successful Black Beauty Supply Store Owner.”