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Why your financial advisor is probably not your friend

WhyYourFinancial 600The importance of money is impressed upon most Americans as soon as we're old enough to buy candy. But the importance of money management is an entirely different story, says self-made millionaire Mike Finley.

"Think about all that we do to prepare children for the world; we fill them up with things we think are most important for doing well as adults and spend tens of thousands of dollars for higher education, but they never take a class on how to manage personal finances," says Finley, author of "Financial Happine$$," (www.thecrazymaninthepinkwig.com), which discusses his journey to financial literacy and applying the principles that allowed him to retire from the Army a wealthy man.

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Tigers rack up All-American Athletic Conference honors

tigersallamerican 600University of Memphis' Shaq Goodwin and Joe Jackson earned All-American Athletic Conference second team honors, the league office released Tuesday. Memphis was one of four teams to have two players receive all-conference distinction.

Freshman Austin Nichols was the lone unanimous selection to the American Athletic Conference All-Rookie Team.

It is the third-straight season that the Tigers placed two or more players on the all-conference squads. Nichols' honor gave Memphis an all-rookie/freshman team selection for the 11th time in the last 14 seasons.

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Faith in Action Memphis Cleanup 2014

cleanup 600Faith in Action Memphis Cleanup 2014, which Mayor A C Wharton Jr. hopes will be the city's largest cleanup ever, was unveiled at press conference at City Hall on Monday.

The event, aimed at fighting blight and beautifying Memphis, will take place April 25-27 at sites throughout the city. The collaborative effort involves the mayor's office, Memphis City Beautiful, and a host of business, community and faith-based organizations.

"We became involved in this event because, as a faith-based entity, we believe in doing everything in our power to make Memphis better for all of us," said Pastor Brandon Walker, project director of Shepherding the Next Generation, a group comprised of more than 200 local pastors of different faiths.

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Unemployment rate for black women falls to single digits

black-umeployeement 600WASHINGTON – During another slow month of economic recovery, the unemployment rate for black women 20 years and older fell to 9.9 percent in February, the lowest rate for that group in five years, according to the Labor Department.

Meanwhile, black men and black teenagers continue to lag behind other major worker groups.

In March 2009, the unemployment rate for black men 20 years and over was 15.4 percent. According to the latest jobs report, the jobless rate for black men is 12.9 percent, the same rate recorded in February 2013.

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Parents of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis protest ‘Stand your ground’

standyourground 600The Rev. Al Sharpton, the parents of Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin, as well as Tom Joyner and members of the Dream Defenders, are once again marching for change to Florida's "Stand your ground" law, Tallahassee.com reports.

Joined by hundreds of other marchers, the group – including family members of Emmett Till – traveled less than a mile from the Leon County Civic Center to the Florida Capitol, calling on lawmakers to address the law, the news site reports.

"It's a flawed law," Sharpton said. "Because you don't need an actual threat. All you've got to do is believe a threat and you can use deadly force."

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