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Too quick to crown


Maybe you too have noticed the hugely heightened media hype and hypocrisy we’re all forced to tolerate that has nothing to do with substance. We’re talking about TV news stations playing games and contests (coincidentally during ratings sweeps) in the newscasts, having nothing whatsoever to do with news or weather and everything to do with goosing (bribing is a better word) their ratings.

Sports shows do it too. Not so much with contests but with hyped content and conversation far too subjective and sensationalized to be serious. For example: “Is the Greatest of All Time…Kobe or LeBron?”

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‘Let’s hold overall judgment on the overall team’


For many who await the tip-off of the University of Memphis men’s basketball season like a favorite holiday, losing is not part of the equation, especially with a Division 2, crosstown team as the opponent. Never mind that the game did not officially count.

So, what happened at the FedExForum on Wednesday night? By the numbers it was a 74-70 defeat in overtime to the Christian Brothers University Buccaneers.

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Grizz GM tackles ‘The Talent Puzzle’


When Memphis Grizzlies General Manager Chris Wallace started as the general manager for the Boston Celtics in 1997, head coach Rick Pitino sent him and other staff members a sternly worded letter with a clear demand:

“We can not expect for players to be in world class physical condition when on a daily basis they encounter members of our staff who are overweight and out of shape. This is your target weight. If you do not reach your target weight by the expected date, feel free to seek employment with someone else.”

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Memphis will pursue rape kit funding from NY prosecutor

Rape Kit
With a clear need for additional resources to complete the analysis of backlogged rape kits, Mayor A C Wharton Jr. said Wednesday the city would “seize the opportunity” to apply for funds through the Manhattan (New York) district attorney’s office when requests for proposals are issued next spring.

Manhattan D.A. Cyrus R. Vance Jr. announced Wednesday that evidence from up to 70,000 rape cases nationwide would get long-awaited DNA testing as he pledged as much as $35 million to help eliminate a backlog that has long troubled authorities, victims and lawmakers.

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Domestic violence: It just ain’t right, no way!


I was raised to be a real man by a man who was a real man…my father. He wasn’t just a real man, but a gentleman as well who put my mother on a pedestal when they met at Tuskegee Institute in 1941 and he never took her off of it.

My parents loved and honored each other daily, my father literally “worshipped” my mother, she loved him madly and cared for him to perfection, seriously. They kissed on the lips in the morning as my dad would be on his way out; they kissed when he got home. They kissed in public; they even kissed outside in the backyard. And every time they kissed, they smiled at one another.

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