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Where’s the beef, pork and chicken? You don’t need meat for protein

What would you do if you couldn’t eat meat anymore? I asked someone this question the other day and the response I got wasn’t really a surprise: “Where am I going to get my protein if I can’t have anymore meat?” 

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Brandon Mychal Smith: The “So Random” interview

 Brandon Mychal Smith

Brandon Mychal Smith is a charismatic young actor best known for playing ladies man Nico Harris on the Disney Channel sitcom “Sonny with a Chance,” which was renamed “So Random” earlier this year.

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Bits, pieces, odds & ends

Talk is circulating about a “Waiting to Exhale” sequel being in the works and it looks like the entire cast of the first film could actually be participating in this one, including once mega-star Whitney Houston.

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First Family’s Easter appearance at D.C.’s Shiloh Baptist draws ‘racist’ reaction

Racial threats were hurled at one of the Washington D.C. district’s most prestigious black churches after a visit from President Barack Obama and The First Family on Easter Sunday. 

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Scott sisters’ suffering: a sign of criminal justice failures

“After we are pardoned we want to go out across the country and speak out about abuse of blacks in prison,” Jamie Scott, 38, told a gathering of supporters.

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