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School Choice Equals Parental Choice


While every parent wants to provide the best education for their children, not every parent has access to a quality school. In a perfect world every family would live a neighborhood with an excellent public school or be able to afford to send their children to the private school of their choosing that meets their needs. Unfortunately, we don’t live in perfect world and many parents, based on their zip code alone, must send their children to failing and underperforming schools.

In 2004, while serving as member of the Louisiana State Senate in New Orleans, my constituents were calling and visiting my Senate office begging me to do something to help their children. The public school system was in turmoil. Many of the schools were failing academically and parents considered them unsafe.

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Roundup: News briefs


Tenn. able to set hours for adult stores

NASHVILLE (AP) – Attorney General Herbert Slatery says in his first legal opinion since taking office that Tennessee can continue to restrict hours for adult-oriented establishments.

The opinion released Monday relies on a 1998 ruling by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that upheld restrictions on the hours of Knox County adult bookstore as being in the "substantial government interest" of reducing crime and solicitation of sex, and in seeking to preserve the "aesthetic and commercial character" of surrounding neighborhoods.

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Citing capacity concerns, KIPP, Freedom Prep pull out of ASD takeover process

Freedom From Takeover

Two charter operators on Monday pulled out of the state’s efforts to take over some of its worst-performing schools next year.

KIPP Memphis officials said they would not take over South Side Middle School and Freedom Prep officials said they would not take over Florida-Kansas and A.B. Hill elementary schools next year, as the state-run Achievement School District had planned.

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The top cities for readers of African-American literature


AALBC.com assessed the relative strengths of almost 300 American cities to determine which ones are best able to provide environments that are supportive of, and conducive to, the enjoyment of African-American Literature.

Our 2014 list improves on our original list, first published in 2013, by considering more factors for each city. Some of the factors we considered and evaluated included:

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Hundreds of community members protest state takeover, charters


Hundreds of fired-up teachers, parents, and community members at Raleigh Egypt High and American Way Middle schools shouted down state education and charter officials Monday night with chants and boos at two meetings intended to introduce charter school operators to the school communities they might absorb next year.

Members of the crowd at Raleigh Egypt said attempts at taking over schools was not only ineffective and destructive, but amounted to a scheme to make money off children, a charge officials flatly denied.

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