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Making a living or making a life? 24 March 2014 Original
First Lady travels to China and invites young people to participate 24 March 2014 News
Tracing family’s roots gives a ‘broader sense of self’ 24 March 2014 News
Jason Collins allegedly receives gay taunts from fellow NBA player 24 March 2014 Sports
Study: Violent video games with black characters fuel racism 24 March 2014 Entertainment
Black theater success is reshaping one of America’s whitest fields 24 March 2014 Entertainment
This week’s DVD releases 24 March 2014 Entertainment
‘We have to heal ourselves from the inside out’ 24 March 2014 Original
Briefs & Things 22 March 2014 Greater Metro
Congressmen link with Hip Hop Caucus to change the face of climate change 22 March 2014 News
Bias a factor in suspending black students 22 March 2014 News
It’s official: Aaron McGruder out at ‘Boondocks’ 22 March 2014 Entertainment
Is now the right time to shake up housing finance? 22 March 2014 Original
This Sunday! 22 March 2014 Religion
With the community’s youth in mind, April 4th Foundation ‘steps’ forward 22 March 2014 Greater Metro
‘Afraid of Dark’ filmmaker hopes to make black men ‘harder to kill’ 21 March 2014 Entertainment
Body too toned for Planet Fitness? 21 March 2014 News
Have Uncle Ruckus and ‘The Boondocks’ been hijacked? 21 March 2014 Entertainment
‘Why Every Black Woman Should Marry a Jewish Man’ 21 March 2014 Original
Clicktivism’ moves civil rights forward in a new generation 21 March 2014 News