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Police short on Hispanic officers

hispanic police
WASHINGTON (AP) — The killing of an unarmed black 18-year-old by an officer in a nearly all-white police department in suburban St. Louis refocused the country on the racial balance between police forces and the communities they protect.
But an analysis by The Associated Press found that the racial gap between black police officers and the communities where they work has narrowed over the last generation, particularly in departments that once were the least diverse.

Black Women Hit Hard by Unemployment

While unemployment rates have fallen for nearly every group of Americans after the most recent recession, there appears to be no reprieve for black women.
An estimated 10.6 percent of black women age 20 or older are unemployed, a figure unchanged from a year ago, International Business Times reports, citing Friday’s jobs report from the Labor Department. The overall unemployment rate for blacks in August was 11.4 percent, compared with 5.3 percent for whites and 7.5 percent for Hispanics.

Pam Oliver Says She Was Humiliated After Being Demoted

Veteran sports reporter Pam Oliver is speaking out about being demoted from her longtime position as the Fox Sports network’s “A team” sideline reporter. In April, Oliver received news that she was being placed on the “B team,” and Erin Andrews, who is young, white and blond, would be taking over her position. Assumptions were made about Oliver being sidelined to make way for Andrews, who was only hired two years ago from ESPN, because of her age and looks.

Memphis 63 Austin Peay 0: When It Rains, It Pours

The 2014 Memphis Tigers football team refused to let rain ruin their opening-game matchup against the Austin Peay Governors on Saturday (Aug. 30) as they poured it on early and often rallying a 63-0 win.  
The Tigers scored on their opening possession on a two-yard Sam Craft run that capped off a nine-play 60-yard drive.  They continued to put on a show for the faithful fans of Tiger Nation as they pounced on Austin Peay primarily through their run game.  Memphis scored five rushing touchdowns in the first half including two by sophomore quarterback Paxton Lynch, who tied his season total from last season making two in the first half.   Lynch was able to get his receivers involved early connecting with seven different targets and totaling 188 yards with one touchdown and one interception.  

Black America needs its own president

Every so often, an incident symptomatic of deeper issues triggers a release valve for collective despair. The killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., sparked a movement much larger than concerns about the aggressive policing of black men. The marches and protests are a larger commentary about the economic and societal disenfranchisement of black people and the response to Brown’s death is a coalescing event, sounding the latest clarion call for America to revisit her unresolved original sin.