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Oh baby! VMA show gets a Beyoncé bump

I didn’t watch the Video Music Awards this past Sunday night, however, thanks to modern technology and YouTube, no one ever has to be bound by television schedules these days.

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Feeling the hurt, pain from crimes of passion

This morning, I was thinking about which question I would use for this week’s column and a co-worker asked me this: “I just want to know what a person is supposed to do when someone won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

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Mining the wealth in real estate

As we flip our calendars to September, two words – uncertainty and unstableness – continue to dog our current economic climate.

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Path cut by father puts son on ‘Down to Earth’ course

Within walking distance to city, county, state and federal government buildings, banks and hotels, the Down to Earth Barber and Beauty Salon is uniquely situated to capitalize on all the foot traffic downtown.

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Never retire? Don’t count on it

It can be dangerous to believe that you can overcome a retirement income shortfall by telling yourself that you will work past the traditional retirement age or never retire at all.

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