No shame in Ledisi’s game

If you were anywhere other than the Cannon Center on Saturday night, shame, shame, shame.

 Ledisi, who has been around for 10 years, has released five albums but is just now headlining her own tour. Photos by Warren Roseborough)
 Timothy Bloom amply filled the bill as the opening act.

How could you not wanna check out Ledisi in concert?

And to top it all off, the show was hosted by none other than the “What’s Happening Man” himself...ME!

New Orleans born Ledisi is a performer, and a good one at that. She’s so soulful that even Patti Labelle called her the new Patti Labelle. And according to Myron Mays, she’s one good looking woman too. (lol) There’s gotta be a reason why I have seen her in concert three times in 12 months.

Ledisi brought along Fairville, N. Car. native Timothy Bloom, who is very talented. His style? Well, if you put together a mixture of soul, rock and blues, you would probably get Bloom. Be on the lookout for some big things from this guy. In the meantime, you can catch his project – “The Budding Rose” – on Itunes.

After I got my mid-show announcements out of the way, I was ready to take my seat and get ready for the headliner. It’s amazing that Ledisi has actually been around for over 10 years, has released five albums and is just now headlining her own tour. But I guess everything happens at the right time.

And the right time it was. Ledisi was on top of her game and her band was right there with her. She has one of the baddest guitar players I have ever heard.

You most likely have heard her latest single, “Let’s Stay Together,” featuring Jahiem. She performed that song as well Saturday night, and while Jahiem wasn’t in town, Bloom returned to the stage doing pretty well was a substitute.

As the show neared the midway point, almost everyone was standing and singing along. The ladies seemed to love “Celebrate Life” and “Pieces of Me” even more. Yes, even I was singing along, but I was trying my best not to sing too loud though. You do know that’s a woman’s song, right? (lol)

Ledisi wrapped up the show with her hit song, “It’s Alright,” which led to a standing ovation. Trying not to be too choked up, she left us with a little story of how her mother gave her the idea for the song.

Here’s my account of the story:

Ledisi found herself sleeping on the floor at a friend’s house. She called her mother and explained to how she was ready to give up and call it quits. Her mother told her, “It’s alright,” adding that she should not give up.

A song was born.

Ledisi also stressed the importance of loving yourself, saying that then you can show others how you want to be loved.

Then she dropped one last gem:

“Never let just anyone in your personal circle.”

It’s Facebook, don’t take it so seriously

What's Happening Myron?
 Myron Mays

Question for you: Is losing friends on Facebook as important as losing friends for real?

Of course not!

Well, maybe that depends on who you are.

Over the past two weeks I have made a couple of Facebook postings that did not sit too well with a few people. In fact, it seems as if my friends’ list has gone on a deleting spree. I won’t go into details here about what I posted. You’ll have to subscribe to my updates to find that out.

Here’s something to consider: If every time you say something everyone agrees with you, then something is wrong. If everyone in your circle always agrees with you, then you must change your circle.

I understand that some of the things I post can be a little off the chain. I understand that sometimes they can be a little disturbing. However, at the end of the day, it’s all entertainment. Mindless entertainment you might say, but it is entertainment nonetheless. And that’s the business I am in.

In this new world of reality TV and instant gratification, things are quite different.  Not only are people allowed to be more vocal, there are tools available for just about anyone to say how he or she feels and share it with the world in a matter of seconds. There is always someone waiting to hear it. Whether they like it or not, they still want to know.

Have you ever sat down and watched an episode of “Basketball Wives?” Have you ever seen an episode of “Real Housewives” of any given city? Of course you have. We all have. Sometimes, they are shocking; sometimes they are moving and sometimes they are downright ridiculous. But then isn’t that life, anyway? That’s why they are called reality shows.

Here’s the bottom line” Facebook is a public forum. That means people do and say things they would do and say in a public setting. Some people share news, some people encourage others, some people minister to others, and some people even fellowship with one another. People do what they do according to who they are.

I like to entertain, inspire and educate those who follow me, whether it’s in the words of this column, on the radio or even on Facebook.  So with that being said, Facebook is just what it is. Please don’t take it too seriously. Lighten up and be entertained.

 Side note: Congrats son

I’ve talked about my son, Jalen, quite a few times in my column. This time, I am very happy to share his good news. He has made a few mistakes in recent years, not much different than his Dad. But here’s the great news. He graduated this past week from high school. He was one semester early and even made the Honor Roll on his way out.

Thankfully, I did not let those mistakes overshadow his potential in my eyes. I never gave up on him. He turned all of those things around and he will be starting college in the spring. I could not be more proud of him. Way to go son!

Happy Holidays to YOU!

Now that I have done all of my holiday shopping, I can finally relax and get ready to enjoy a few much-needed days off. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday this weekend. Also, I hope you get everything you asked for. If not, I hope it's a close comparison.

Next week, I will have my Annual Year in Review Edition, so help me reflect on the year 2011. Lots of great things happened this year. We will talk about them on next week. Until then, that’s what’s happening.

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Soul-directed sights come into view when resistance is kicked to the curb

Living the life I love

Dear Lucy: Last year I started wearing eyeglasses. I have had to have the prescription changed once this year to a stronger lens. The doctor says that I don’t have any kind of awful threat of going blind or anything like that, it’s just that I have reached a certain age. I really don’t like wearing glasses and I am always misplacing my glasses. It’s really getting annoying because I seem to be obsessed with this thing about my eyes. Any thoughts about this?

– CY

Dear CY: It seems that during the past few weeks I have been having lots of thoughts about my own eyes and other people are talking to me about theirs! You are seeing a doctor and so you should deal with your doctor on what’s happening from a physical standpoint. I have mine checked right on schedule and recently renewed my prescription. My opinion, on the other hand is from a different perspective. When I think about the human faculties of seeing and hearing, this statement of Jesus always comes up for me....“Let those with eyes to see, see and those with ears to hear, hear.” He was not talking about physical eyes and ears. Rather, he was referring to our spiritual sight and hearing.

Here is what has been happening to me over the last two to three months. I let this slip by me until recently when some things started happening to make me stop and really consider. I have been wearing eyeglasses as a necessity for several years now. I really resisted wearing them. My baby sister had LASIK surgery at 40 years old after wearing glasses from the time she was a teen. She called me on her way from the surgery amazed at her new found capacity to see clearly without glasses. I am ten years older than her and at the time that I checked into the surgery, I was told my eyes were “too old.” So, while I don’t receive this business about “old eyes” (or old anything!), I settled on wearing my eyeglasses.

Now, I like to make life fun and interesting. So does my sister, Carole, who also wears glasses. So we buy prescription eyeglasses in different shapes, colors and styles just to entertain our vanity and maybe even make an occasional fashion statement while we use the gift of physical vision. That may seem expensive or extravagant to some, but it’s a choice between the glasses and some other thing to spend money on. We have also found an affordable means of doing this. And, it works for us.

But, lately, I have been misplacing eyeglasses left and right! I mean flat out losing them and not being able to find them. This is a weird thing for me because I believe that nothing in God’s universe can be lost...temporarily misplaced, but not lost. I now have three pairs of missing eyeglasses.

Here is what I am doing about it:

One: I am affirming diligently that they are not lost.

Two: my prayer partner reminded me that I told her years ago to drink Eyebright tea when she had an eye problem and it worked. I went to buy some at Whole Foods and they were out. Since number one and two are not working for me, I have gone deeper into my spiritual arsenal.

So, Three:  I am asking myself, “What is it that my soul is urging me to see with the eyes of my spirit that I am resisting?” This came to me the other day when I left home driving and suddenly couldn’t see out of my glasses very well. I stopped the car and asked myself this question. I asked it with an intention, willingness and expectation that the answer would be revealed to me and I would hear it! Immediately, my vision cleared up and I could see (with my glasses) to drive safely again. Same glasses. Nothing changed except my willingness to see from the spirit whatever God needs me to see.

I was not conscious of resisting my spiritual sight because I like to think that I am always listening and looking for God’s direction. But this thing with these eyeglasses is making me think that I need to check my spiritual arrogance at the door and step up my game of obedience and willingness to see and hear using my spiritual faculties right along with my physical ones.

So, I am giving thanks for both my physical and spiritual vision along with a willingness, intention and expectation for the highest and greatest outcome with both!  Join me in this experiment.

Using my eyes to see and my ears to hear,


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Curiosity trumps fatigue in the quest for growth

Living the life I love
 Lucy Shaw

Dear Lucy: It is nearing the end of December already. It seems that so many people pass away during this time of year. Many of them are older people. It seems like they just decide that they don’t want to do another year. Maybe they know something we don’t know. So much is changing in the world and so fast. It’s time for another year and I can’t get excited about it. I’m not depressed, just not excited. Am I the only one tired?

– PK

Dear PK: I suppose that if I could ask the question just right, I could Google and find out if it’s true that December is the big month for deaths of a certain age. So often I tend to be more aware of death or birth or birthdays or anything else simply because I am thinking about it and paying greater attention. In the last three weeks, I had a personal stake in three different deaths ranging from ten years old to ninety. As I focused on these deaths I began to pay attention to the whole subject of death and dying including the ending of one calendar year and the start of another. So I feel a little of what you are talking about.

This is the time of year when we ask many life-changing questions. There will be many essays written and sermons preached on this topic for the next month or so. The essence of growth is curiosity. Curiosity is our spiritual birthright. We are constantly asking who, where, why, when and what. The trick to success is asking the right question and having the wisdom to balance our search for the answer with the patience and ability to wait and be quiet so that we can hear the answer.

Sometimes we ask “why?” just to wallow in the “why.” We don’t really want the answer and if we had it we wouldn’t use it or stop asking “why” long enough to learn the lesson contained in the why. Quite often the answer is looking back at us when we look in the mirror. I am the “who,” the “why,” the “when,” “what” and “where.” Sometimes I look so hard outside myself for answers that I forget how absolutely resourceful, wise and wonderful I really am.  What seems like the fatigue of having to face another year could just be my curiosity getting the best of me.

How I wish I knew what the next year will bring! But, I don’t. I can expect to see some people come and some go. I can expect some super days and some not so super. The big definite is that I can expect change. We live in a world of constant change...this is a fact. This change is tiring, invigorating, scary, encouraging, all at the same time depending on one’s viewpoint. And what we do have control over is our viewpoint.

There was a jeweler in Memphis named Las Savalle who passed away this year. Each time someone he knew or someone well known in the city passed away, he would put their name on his store marquee in honor of their lives. No matter who it was or what they had done, he would simply create a headline that said, “Memphis is a better place because John Doe was here.” I remember shortly after my husband’s death, the shock and simultaneous comfort I felt when I passed the store and looking up read, “Memphis is better because Harold Shaw was here.”

Las was a truly fine gentleman and what he knew was that we are all connected and we are all important. And this brings me to the question I want to ask of myself this year: “What am I willing to do this year to become better in ways that not only enrich me but also bless the rest of the world?”

What I do is important and makes a difference. I won’t judge according to what anyone else thinks about me. I will judge according to what I know I can be. I can be the one who will be missed by the entire world simply because I lived and made a choice to make a difference by elevating my own mind, and spirit.

I make a choice to remember that what I think about myself as connected to every other person, place and thing in this world is an awesome responsibility. Everyone I reach out to touch with love may not choose to touch back. I don’t control that. But I do control my willingness to keep on reaching, caring, giving, sharing and being curious. If that makes us tired sometimes, PK, we will just have to wait for the inevitable change!

Happy New Year!


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Trusting in the ‘One’ treasure

Living the life I love

Dear Lucy: I was looking on line at the items at Christies Auctions that belonged to the actress Elizabeth Taylor. There are millions of dollars in jewelry. I don’t know who will buy them or who will actually get the money for them. But the pieces are unbelievably beautiful and unbelievably expensive.  How could someone spend that kind of money on jewelry?

– M.S.

Dear M.S.: I went online and took a look at what you are referring to. You are correct. The collection is awesome! One would have to have a mega-movie star status to even have an occasion to wear most of the pieces. Elizabeth Taylor was certainly a mega-movie star and much loved by her husband’s and by her friend Michael Jackson.

There is a diamond watch in the collection valued at $500,000 given to her by Michael Jackson. It occurs to me that she must have been the very rare friend and spouse with the capacity to inspire a level of love and admiration that caused people to want to give her the gifts that caused her the greatest pleasure. This is quite an attribute for anyone to possess, so my hat is off to what this says about her capacity to inspire such giving in others.  

Who buys such expensive jewelry?  It’s pretty simple…people who can afford it and value it intrinsically and extrinsically.

Beauty and value is in the eye of the beholder. Beyond any judgments about “why,” I was reminded of the temporary nature of life. I am certain that at some point in time before her departure from planet Earth, Miss Taylor had cause to consider that she would not get to take any of her physical possessions with her.  In fact, there will be an equally extravagant and dazzling auction of her clothing! It may be that this lady had the wisdom to enjoy all of her possessions in the moment and let them go. I have no idea what her capacity for philanthropy was, how she gave or to whom she gave in ways that are lasting.

So what can we take away from your question?

This week, I did a workshop for two groups titled, “What’s In Your Treasure Chest?”    Today, during seemingly tough economic times, many of us are convinced that our earthly “Treasure Chest” is dwindling or at the very least it is not growing.  When most people are asked to select their most treasured life experiences for placement in a “Treasure Chest,” they will tend to choose only the “good” or “nice” things as treasures.

Yet, it is the mix of ups and downs, good and bad, happy and sad that teaches us and grows us into wonderful, useful human beings capable of giving meaningful service to ourselves and the rest of the world. By God’s sweet grace, I am certain that Miss Taylor had the opportunity to look into her “Treasure Chest” of life experiences and honor and cherish those that created permanent, enduring and endearing life lessons for her. I was so blessed by looking at that collection of hers that I was able to look into my own Treasure Chest in which I have stored rich memories of both hardships and joys that I am so very grateful for.  Many of them cost me a lot of lost sleep, tears, some sorrow and a few cost me some money. But, what I received in return is absolutely priceless.

As it gets closer to year’s end, do you know what’s in your “Treasure Chest?” While there are many scriptures to choose from about treasures, here is one of my favorites:  “Some trust in horses and some in chariots, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God…” How often have I called upon that name when nothing else would do!

Trusting in the “One” treasure, for you and for me,


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