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Blacks have not recovered from the recovery

 malveaux 600Judging from its June 18-19 meeting, the Federal Reserve is hedging its bets.  It says the U.S. economy is on the mend, but more slowly than expected.  They’ve reduced their estimate for economic growth and say that it will take a year or more to get to where we were six years ago.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has offered a starker forecast. Expected growth for the United States is about 3 percent, a level considered “normal” and “in recovery.”  They projected something right above 2 percent earlier this year.  Now, they say the United States economy will grow at about 1.9 percent, below robust recovery, and that it will take until 2018 to get the labor market back on track.

Blind Boys of Alabama and Taj Majal

The Blind Boys of Alabama opened for Taj Majal on June 18th at the New concertreview 600Jersey State Theatre, where they easily managed to eclipse the headliner in terms of intensity and audience appeal. “Boys” is a bit of misnomer for the six-time Grammy-winning gospel group formed way back in the 1930s by 9-year-old students attending the Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind, located in Talledega.
Sadly, only a couple of the founding members are still alive, Jimmy Carter and Clarence Fountain, and the latter’s participation in concerts is limited to the extent his failing health allows. But in the early decades, the talented ensemble crisscrossed the country, often going on tour with The Blind Boys of Mississippi, with whom they would share the stage in a friendly battle of the bands. 

Black men and white women leapfrog over black women

Beginning in 1945, as a black male child, I spent my early years in a small southern town where everything was “black” and “white.”  As a black child, I blkmen 600stood on the oppressed side of the fence as I experienced the injustices imposed upon black folk by a culture of white supremacy.  But, as a male child, I stood on the oppressor’s side of the fence as I witnessed the injustices imposed upon women by a culture of male privilege.
While I chaffed under the oppression to which I was subjected as a black person, I was indifferent to the oppression suffered by women – an oppression that was particularly harsh on black women.  I grew up in a world where I felt wronged by a culture that asserted that I had less value and “had a place” on the lower rungs of society as a black person.  But I saw no injustice in a culture that asserted that women were on a lower rung than that upon which the men were placed.  This was true, even though I knew that the place allocated to women had fewer benefits than those allocated to men.

Confirmed: First human case of West Nile Virus in Shelby County

westnile 600The Shelby County Health Department (SCHD), along with the Tennessee Department of Health, recently confirmed the first human case of West Nile Virus (WNV) in Shelby County.
The reported case is a forty-six year old male and the first human case confirmed in the state of Tennessee. To date, WNV has been detected in ZIP code 38107 within Shelby County. SCHD health officials urge residents to continue taking precautions to prevent mosquito bites and protecting themselves against WNV.

Q&A: Early childhood education, Common Core and America’s future

commoncore 600David Lawrence Jr. arrived in Miami in 1989 as an experienced newspaper journalist and continued his stellar career for another decade at the Miami Herald. He then retired to devote himself to improving the childhood years of America’s children. He chairs the Children’s Movement of Florida, a statewide, non-partisan, advocacy organization that focuses on issues critical to the early stages of life. In an interview, which has been edited, with NAM editor Khalil Abdullah, Lawrence makes the case for why Floridians should adopt the Common Core state standards.
What is your stance on Common Core?
I support Common Core totally. No question in my mind that if we are going to compete internationally as a country, we need national standards. States will continue to play the primary role in achieving this. Florida has had, as so many other states, a dust up over what’s happening here with Common Core. In Florida, we say Florida Standards. Our state has tinkered a bit  with the Common Core State Standards, but I think they’re very closely aligned.