Tax-averse? Try tax-efficient investments

Raising taxes is one of many ideas that have been proposed to help reduce mounting federal budget deficits. Yet some taxpayers are already facing the prospect of higher taxes as a result of health-reform legislation passed in 2009.

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A compromise with extra pounds is no healthy choice

I'm sure you've heard the cliché that a man would rather have a woman with a little "meat on her bones" than a woman who is rail thin. Depending on whom you ask, the size of a woman does matter. So does the size of a man. It's one thing to be appealing to the opposite sex, but it's another thing if that appeal compromises your health.

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Don’t gimme no break in my funk

After hosting the Masters of Funk show at the Batesville Civic Center this past weekend, all I could say was WOW! The Bar-Kays, Confunkshun, Brick, Slave, The Mary Jane Girls, Glenn Jones and Lakeside – all in one show?

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Kam’s Kapsules: Weekly previews - 09/27/2012

For movies opening Sept. 28, 2012


"Hotel Transylvania" (PG for action, rude humor and scary images) Animated romantic comedy about the Dracula's daughter (Selena Gomez) who, over the objections of her father (Adam Sandler), falls in love with a mere mortal (Andy Samberg). Voice cast includes Kevin James, Ceelo Green, Steve Buscemi and Jon Lovitz.

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Walk through the fire and let ‘nosy’ be

Dear Lucy: My son just got out of prison. He made some really bad mistakes over and over and wouldn't listen to me. He ended up doing time. He is out now and it really seems like he has found the Lord. He is still embarrassed and talking about leaving town so we don't have to answer nosy people's questions. I'm embarrassed too but I want him to stay right here and learn to live a different way around his children and me. How do you get people to stop asking questions so we can just get on with life?

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