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Nutrition, children and autism – there is a connection

The birth of a child is a mother's pride and joy. The birth of Charla Thomas' child was no exception. She was filled with joy and happiness in anticipation of motherhood. The doctors had confirmed that her baby would be healthy, and the nurses and everyone else in the maternity ward provided care before and after the newborn had arrived.

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What does Medicare cover?

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for elderly persons and certain disabled individuals. In 1965, Medicare was enacted to provide a "safety net" of health-care coverage for qualifying individuals.

Medicare is packaged in two major parts. Part A is hospital insurance protection.

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‘So what is this disorder all about?’

Dear Lucy: I share office space with a lady who is driving me crazy. She does good work on the job but this has got to be the junkiest person I know. I consider her a true friend but I refuse to ride in her car, eat at her house or try to find anything on her desk. She's not exactly unclean, just doesn't pick up or put up and everything around her turns into chaos. She is not a hoarder or depressed and is basically a fun person. Even when she straightens up, within days it's back to chaos. How can I help my friend?

– NP

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Yolanda Adams: The “How Sweet the Sound” interview

Yolanda AdamsEver since her debut with "Just As I Am" in the late 1980's, Yolanda Adams has triumphantly carried the torch for contemporary gospel and inspirational music via a dozen glorious albums. Here, she talks about her life and career, and about hosting Verizon's "How Sweet the Sound," the country's most prestigious gospel music celebration and competition. Now, in its fifth year of celebrating the community and the power of gospel music, "How Sweet the Sound's" national finale will be staged at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Nov. 4.

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Genetically modified food can cause health problems

Leslie is a normal 16-year-old teenager. She is full of energy and life, but her effervescent personality tends to subside at times because she is always walking around with puffy eyes and a runny noise. When I asked her about this problem, she explained that it was par for the course, a condition she has accepted.

Curious and wanting to know more, I asked Leslie about her diet and how she feels after eating certain foods. She confirmed my suspicion – that her puffy eyes and runny nose manifest after eating common foods that we tend to enjoy every day.

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