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Your gender and credit card debt

An April 2012 study by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation shows that women with low levels of financial literacy are more likely to engage in costly credit card behaviors than men with low financial literacy. Interestingly, there was no disparity in credit card behavior between men and women with high levels of financial literacy.

Does your financial intelligence need a boost? Below are some tips to help change costly behavior patterns and, hopefully, close the gender gap in credit card debt.

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Be it resolved, lose weight in incremental steps

It's that time again when many of us resolve to change our eating habits to lose those unwanted pounds and keep the pounds off – until next year when we resolve to do it again. Our resolve to lose weight, and keep it off, annually hangs in the balance up against our difficulty resisting food temptations.

Plain and simple, resolutions are difficult to keep. We don't always follow through. Still, change is inevitable, and as we get older women most likely will add a few pounds to their frame and their dress sizes will increase. Men will gain significant weight, too. Years ago, my weight reached 300-plus pounds and I was headed to the grave.

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Kam’s Kapsules: Weekly previews - 01/02/2013

For movies opening Jan. 4, 2013


"Texas Chainsaw 3-D" (R for grisly violence and pervasive profanity) 7th installment of the enduring horror franchise finds an unsuspecting heiress (Alexandra Daddario) travelling to a tiny Texas town to take possession of the mansion she has just inherited only to discover a bloodthirsty madman (Dan Yeager) lurking in the shadows. With Trey Songz, Tania Raymonde and Scott Eastwood (Clint's son).

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Mental illness is everybody’s problem

28mentalhealth-400Mental illness continues to plague our society. Tens of thousands have been diagnosed and just as many have yet to be diagnosed. I'm sure you know someone who is mentally ill. But if truth were told, some people would deny this disease exists. They'd rather believe their mental faculties are in order and cannot be compromised.

Some people are naturally different. But those on the verge of mental collapse suffer from failing memory, dementia, amnesia or alzheimer's, while others tend to look spaced out and sometimes are seen conversing when no one else is around. They hear things and see things that our eyes and ears don't see or hear. In some cases, they wander alone without regard for their own safety.

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Blacktrospective 2012

thinklikeaman-600The Best in Black Cinema

Best Big Budget Black Films

1. "Think Like a Man"
2. "Sparkle"
3. "Good Deeds"
4. "Flight"
5. "Won't Back Down"
6. "Men in Black III"
7. "Safe House"
8. "Madea's Witness Protection"
9. "Red Tails"
10. "Red Hook Summer"

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