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Journalist wins rights to view James Brown’s documents

James Brown
While excitement is brewing for the new James Brown biopic to be released this summer, one freelance journalist is more interested in the legal battle over the Godfather of Soul’s estate.
According to the Associated Press, a South Carolina circuit court judge has ordered the state’s attorney general to give Sue Summer the documents she requested under the South Carolina’s Freedom of Information Act, for the investigation she is conducting. Summer wanted records that include the diary of the woman who claimed to be Brown’s wife after his death in 2006, an assessment of Brown’s assets, and other such documents.

How to start getting fit for life

fit for_life
CHICAGO – Once you fully accept the fact that physical activity is one of the most powerful factors affecting your health, ability and longevity, where do you begin? Getting started, without a doubt, is the hardest part.
The first step, always, is to consult your health care professional. In most cases, your doctor will encourage you to get active, but be sure to bring up any specific concerns you have about exercising in relation to your health. 
Your doctor may caution against high impact activity, for example, if you have arthritis or other conditions affecting your joints. Make note of any activities to avoid in planning your new regimen.

Why bad breath complaints heat up in the summertime

bad breath
Whether it’s a picnic, beach day, family gathering or a night out with friends, summer is a time when people come together for fun.
Unfortunately, there is often a fly in the ointment when embracing the “fun season” – higher gas prices, forgetting your sunscreen, waiting in line for the rollercoaster, or that great social buzz kill, bad breath.

TSU’s Small Farms Expo highlights state’s agricultural diversity and continuing expansion

Expo Farm
NASHVILLE – (TSU News Service) – From beekeeping in Franklin County to crop growing in Williamson County, and 4-H and adult agriculture in Bledsoe County, the 2014 Tennessee State University Small Farms Expo highlighted the diversity in the state’s vast agricultural industry.
Participation in the Expo (July 17th) also showcased the University’s outreach initiatives through its Cooperative Extension Program, now covering more than 50 counties across Tennessee.

What are SEP IRAs?

money matters
A simplified employee pension plan (SEP) is a deferred-compensation arrangement that is similar to a profit-sharing plan. It can be set up by employers and self-employed individuals, as well as sole proprietorships and partnerships. Employers receive tax deductions for plan contributions made to employees’ accounts, and employees do not pay taxes on SEP contributions until they begin taking distributions (generally, in retirement).
Thus, SEPs can be attractive to both the employer and the employee.