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Miami Mike, the manager

MIAMI MIKE-600In the entertainment industry, the manager is primarily responsible for providing advice and guidance as to the career and development of an artist. It takes a person with the patience of a saint to deal with the creative brains of talent.

When it comes to creativity and accomplishment in the industry, few can argue that DeAndre Cortez Way, better known as Soulja Boy, doesn't fit in the category. But it takes a village to make sure that Soulja Boy – the rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur – remains relevant and on top. Part of that village is Michael J. Sykes, who is better known as Miami Mike, the manager of Soulja Boy.

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Football: are you ready for some?

Myron-Mays-160OK, now that I have confirmed that the two teams I thought were playing really are the correct ones playing in the Superbowl this weekend, I can get on with my column.

Many of you have not missed a game on Sunday, Monday, Thursday or Saturday of the entire season. You have lived, breathed and consumed football. You've been there for every party and every disappointment. On game day or night you have been glued to your television, breaking away only for the commercials.

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Dig deep into truth and let it set you free

LucyShaw-160Dear Lucy: This is the year I plan to clean up and get rid of all the junk in my life. I don't care if it's people or all the stuff I own. When I walk into my house, I feel overwhelmed, guilty and downright dysfunctional because of having too much! I have tried all last year to get rid of it but every time I get rid of a little bit, some more just shows up. I am not a hoarder, just too much stuff. Help!

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Your credit score and how to look beyond

CharlesSimsJr-160The ability to manage personal credit apparently is one of those things that gets better with age. A consumer reporting agency study indicated that people aged 66 and older had the highest average credit scores, followed by those aged 47 to 65.

Your credit score can affect your ability to obtain credit and the interest rate you pay. So having a high score could be helpful to your overall financial strategy. But a good credit rating doesn't always mean you are in a strong financial position. Consider these other factors for each age group.

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A safe and simple apple pie

applePie-600It is unrealistic to think that most resolutions made in January will be fulfilled by the end of the year. A new month has already begun, and old habits, I'm sure, will return. We set goals, but aren't motivated enough to see them through.

We fall short of our goals because we don't know how to get there. We desire to achieve positive results without concentrating on the means necessary to attain them. This is especially true for people who have declared this to be the year they will eat healthy and lose weight.

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