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‘The Power Within, A Woman’s Worth: From Both Sexes’

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Aaron Jordan Jr. is on a mission to touch one million people’s lives through his book, “The Power Within, a Woman’s Worth: From Both Sexes.” A self-help relationship author, coach and motivational speaker, the book, he said, was written to enrich women and empower men in relationships.
With books on hand, Jordan will be in attendance at the TFC Media Studio at 2988 Old Austin Peay on Sunday (July 13th) from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. He will be available to answer questions and autograph copies of his book.

About the Tri-State Defender

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The Tri-State Defender is a weekly newspaper and daily online news resource published in Memphis, Tennessee, serving the African-American communities in Memphis and nearby areas of Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. It bills itself as "The Mid-South's Best Alternative Newspaper".

The Tri-State Defender is powered by BEST Media Properties, Inc., a Tennessee Corporation established by current TSD President and Publisher, Bernal E. Smith II.

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We report on local relevant content effecting Memphis Tennessee and it's metropolitan area as well as relevant news affecting the African-American community. Our subjects include metro news, sports, entertainment, business, national news, opinion, and more.

Seriously? One third of Americans think Obama is worst President since WWII

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On Wednesday, a Quinnipiac University poll revealed something that I already known to be true thanks to years of experience and access to cable television: a ridiculous amount of people choose to be willfully ignorant. In this context, it comes in the form of a third of voters professing President Barack Obama to be the worst president since World War II. This is the part where you roll your eyes to the beat of Mystikal’s “Danger,” featuring Nivea.
So who is the best president according to those polled? The Patron Saint of Conservatism and the Tim Howard of Blocking American Progress: Ronald Reagan. 
So who took this poll? 

The disappearance of the black coach: African-Americans shut out of college basketball

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Just a handful of years after the tumultuous, racially charged era of the 1960s, Georgetown coach John Thompson peered over his shoulder during a game at McDonough Gym in Northwest. What the coach saw he’d never forget. Neither would many others. “Thompson the [N-word] flop must go,” the racist banner read.
“Today, this generation doesn’t even know who John Thompson is,” said Brian Ellerbe, a Capitol Heights, Maryland, native and former NCAA Division I men’s basketball coach who worked at several schools including George Washington University in Northwest.
Like many, Ellerbe, 50, laments the glaring absence of African-American coaches in Division I basketball. Ellerbe stopped short of accusing anyone of racism and admits that a black coach today probably wouldn’t have to endure the bigotry faced by the legendary Thompson in the 1970s.