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A Grizz night out helps senior with career choice

sportscareer-1-600Many perceive a high school student's senior year to be one of the most fun and enlightening times of a person's life. This special year is supposed to be a period of profound memories and in most cases that's just the way it turns out.

I'm a senior and I can tell you that the final year of high school is also a year of great decisions. We have to decide on schools, majors and occupations. Experience and passion greatly affect the decisions.

Recently, I had a sports-related experience that helped me firm up my decision about what path I would like to pursue after high school.

sportscareer-2-600The New Tri-State Defender granted me an opportunity to accompany Kelley Evans, the newspaper's NBA columnist, to the FedExForum for the game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the New Orleans Hornets. It was an eye-opening experience.

The Grizzlies suffered an upset lost to the Hornets, ending a four-game home stand that included high-note wins against the Brooklyn Nets (101-77) and the Los Angeles Lakers (106-93). Being at the game and getting Kelley's full play-by-play of a reporter's job really helped me out in my decision to become a sports news broadcaster.

Kelley was great at showing me around. She gave me pointers on how to become an extraordinary reporter.

sportscareer-3-600While at the game I was treated like an actual reporter. I was able to get up close and personal with the coaches and players. That interaction was a key part of a full experience that I needed to confirm how I feel about my future potential career.

A special thanks to the TSD's "All Over Town" columnist, Nyah Nile, who is mentoring me and who helped me hook up with Kelley and the newspaper.


+1 #1 Sylvia Loyd-Chism 2013-02-01 09:43
Great article Ms. Maclin and we will look forward to great things from you as a future sports news broadcaster.
Kudos to Ms. Evans and the Tri-State Defender for connecting with our youth for educational opportunities!

Sylvia Loyd-Chism, President
Whitehaven Track Club

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