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(WATCH Alert) Gov. Rick Snyder: The Comeback Kid?

  • Written by Roz Edward, National Content Director
  • Published in RTM News Reel

First, he was “One Tough Nerd” now with the release of Gov. Rick Snyder’s Super Bowl ad on Sunday night, he’s the “Comeback Kid”.

In his ad, Gov. Snyder claims credit for the state’s gain of 220,000 private sector jobs during the past three years. “Michigan now calls him the comeback kid,” a narrator says as the governor surfaces in a pool.

“We elected the self-made nerd as governor and he started making long, overdue tough decisions for the right reasons,” the voice-over continues. “Decisions that are bringing Michigan back.”

There are mixed reviews from politicians, especially the democrats in Lansing  on the “Comeback Kid” credit the governor has given himself. But his policies were not the only thing in question, the governors super bowl ad begins with footage of Snyder emerging from a pool wearing a mask and snorkel, an eye-catching opening that left some viewers scratching their heads.

What do you think?

Read more http://michronicleonline.com/2014/02/03/gov-rick-snyder-the-comeback-kid/

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