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Georgia 400 Tolls To Be Removed By Thanksgiving

  • Written by The Atlanta Daily World
  • Published in Atlanta

The State Road and Tollway Authority announced that the long-awaited removal of Georgia 400 tollbooths is on the way. The toll booths are scheduled to come down Nov. 21, according to the organization.

The announcement follows the State Road and Tollway Authority’s announcement in July 2012 that the tollbooths would be removed by December 2013.

The Ga. 400 tolls were initially scheduled to be taken down in 2011, but inDecember 2010 the state issued $40 million more bonds to be tied to the toll revenue.

The Authority has not yet released on statement to the public about the toll booth removal. There had been outcries from citizens to have the booths removed since it was announced that they would be staying up after their initial 2011 deadline. Many residents assumed that the toll booths would just be a permanent part of the Ga. 400 freeway.

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