Candidates Can File Petitions for Jackson's Seat


    (AP) — Candidates vying to replace former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. can start filing paperwork with the Illinois Board of Elections.

    The filing period for established party candidates begins Thursday and ends Monday.

    The heavily-Democratic 2nd District covers parts of Chicago's South Side, suburbs and some rural areas. There are approximately



    Charter Schools Ring Up Fines, More Public Funding

    CHICAGO — Some of the city's top charter schools are ringing up fines for disciplinary infractions even as they're racking up large increases in public funding, according to

    Marsha Godard, a parent at Chicago Bulls College Prep, says she has paid close to $2,000 in fines and fees to keep her son in class at the West Side school.


    Chicago's Top Cop Makes Arrest

      Garry McCarthy

      (AP) — Chicago's police superintendent is apparently not content urging his officers to make more arrests.

      Early Tuesday morning, Superintendent Garry McCarthy helped arrest a 23-year-old Chicago man on felony weapons charges.

      McCarthy was on patrol with officers from the Austin District on the city's West Side when during a traffic stop of a



      Illinois Gay Marriage Vote Too Close to Call

        samesex marriage

        SPRINGFIELD - According to theIllinois Review, it has been two years since civil unions became an alternative for marriage in Illinois. Since then 11 members in the Illinois Senate and 31 in the House are no longer serving in the legislature. With the next hurdle for GLBT (gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders) activists likely to be voted



        Chicago Finishes 2012 with 506 Homicides

          Crime Scene

          (AP) — Chicago Police say the city finished 2012 with 506 homicides, about 16 percent more than were recorded in 2011.

          The total, 71 more than the 435 committed in 2011, was the highest for the city since 2008, when 512 homicides were recorded.

          At the same time, the rate of killings has slowed significantly since the first quarter of 2012 when the