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Fannie Lou Hamer Political Action Committee Endorses Benny Napoleon for Mayor, City of Detroit

  • Written by The Michigan Chronicle
  • Published in Detroit

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It is indeed an understatement to say that the City of Detroit on July 9, 2013, stands at a crossroad. We have come to a place where we have never been before in the history of our City and our State. The future of Detroit for many has been made to appear uncertain, unclear, and most fragile. Yet we the people who live in the City of Detroit must not be uncertain, unclear, or fragile about the future that we must make together.

Read more http://www.michronicleonline.com/index.php/prime-politics-original/13138-fannie-lou-hamer-political-action-committee-endorses-benny-napoleon-for-mayor-city-of-detroit

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