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Crushing On Girl Crush: An Unconventional Conversation on Beauty

  • Written by The Michigan Chronicle
  • Published in Detroit

It’s the New Year—raise your hand if, at the stroke of midnight, you joined Weight Watchers, hired a personal trainer, poured all through those long-bookmarked fitness blogs and swore to sweet baby Jesus, your man, your best girlfriend and your bathroom mirror that this time, you’re going to go hard losing weight/working out/taking better care of your health/dressing a little better/insert any other personal-care resolution here.

Uh huh. Honestly, I don’t bother with resolutions. Not anymore. I’d go nuts in, like, the first six weeks, then hit a wall and totally crash—swearing off the gym, eating right, and whatever other random promise I made that I knew full well I couldn’t keep. One year—I can’t remember which—I decided that it was more important to take care of myself everyday, year ‘round, in small but impactful ways: get more rest, get into the habit of drinking more water, eating smaller portions and moving more.

This philosophy is the impetus behind my new obsession, Girl Crush, a delicious original YouTube series that takes a refreshing look at beauty from some of the most stunning, interesting and opinionated women in popular culture. The series, conceived by beauty maven and mom-of-four Jodie Patterson, co-founder of the uber gorg Georgia Beauty Salon, features stirring, inspiring interviews with contagious and fresh-thinking women from New York’s downtown scene talking about the deliberate act of being beautiful, loving one’s self wholly and embracing the journey to self-discovery.

Basically, Girl Crush is an unconventional beauty series about how to be comfortable in and love the skin you’re in, by women who are doing just that—in sensible but fly ways. I’m so very proud to partner with Jodi to host Girl Crush here on MyBrownBaby. My hope is that the incredible circle of moms here at MBB will be as engaged and inspired by the series as I was when I first watched it—and that we all will be moved to become our own “girl crush,” no matter what time of the year it is. Press play and enjoy!

Editor’s Note: Denene Milner is a LivingWELL Magazine editorial contributor and founder of My Brown Baby, an irreverent, funny website filled with posts that make you think and occasionally say “Amen” because it reminds you of what’s going on behind your closed door with your family. Check out Jodie, her company and her blog at www.GeorgiaNY.com. 

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